Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds never-before-seen “secret” cave in Area Zero

Niladri Sarkar
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The mysterious Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet still has many unanswered questions, and with a new Mythical Pokemon hinted, a keen-eyed player may have found its lair, a spot hardly anyone has ever seen.

With the Indigo Disk DLC, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players finally went into the depths of Area Zero to face Terapagos and catch this powerful Pokemon responsible for the Terastallization gimmick.

Additionally, you can even have an encounter with Professor Sada/Turo in a postgame cutscene at Crystal Pool in Kitakami. But despite these events, the origins of the Paradox phenomenon and the ‘Gorilla-like’ Pokemon depicted in the Scarlet/Violet book remain unclear.

With hints of a new Gen 9 Mythical Pokemon keeping fans on their toes, no one could believe it when a trainer with the username ‘Light_88_’ on the X app (formerly Twitter) discovered an unknown cave in Area Zero, prompting them to connect the dots.

The details about this hidden cave were shared by the trainer in a tweet that showed the entrance of the cave and a page from the Scarlet/Violet book that talked about a guardian of Area Zero, whose “den” the OP supposedly found.

Several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans called it an “amazing discovery,” as they mentioned that they’ve “never seen this cave before.”

Players were curious to find out the exact location of the cave in Area Zero, leading to the OP retweeting their post with a clip showing how they reached the “secret” cave.

Elaborating on their speculation that the cave may be the unrevealed Mythical Pokemon’s lair, the OP stated: “The weirdest part is that near here Arven said Mabostiff got attacked.” Fans should note that Arven had called the attacker an “unidentified” Pokemon.

To this, a player pointed out that “the Artazon Maze (aka map of Area Zero) showed 2 unexplored parts of Area Zero.” While the deeper part was revealed in the Indigo Disk DLC, the other one on the surface remains a mystery.

pokemon scarlet and violet new gorilla mythical in area zero
Going by the colors of Gen 9 Legendaries, the new Mythical is speculated to be golden in color,

While the cave currently has nothing more than a few spawns of regular Pokemon, speculations are rife that it may end up being connected to the new Mythical, who may very well be the guardian of Area Zero and the culprit behind the injuries of Arven’s Mabosstiff.

Players are now looking forward to a new expansion to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with hopes of getting complete clarity on the new Mythical, Area Zero, its history, and its many Paradox inhabitants.

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