Pokemon players call for Gym changes to counter type advantage

Lucas Simons
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Pokemon games are always renewing themselves, with new features being added with each iteration. But some players are honestly tired of the Gym-typing gimmick and ask for a change.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a lot of new features to an already renewed Pokemon franchise. Many players enjoyed their adventures throughout Paldea, but some others are asking for a big change in Game Freak’s most iconic mechanic: the Gym-typing.

This is what many players have been discussing lately, and there are countless posts about it on Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and other social networks. What the Pokemon players want is a change in how the Gym leaders choose their Pokemon, and this is what the community is requesting to be changed.

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This discussion created by Reddit user ‘TheShroomDruid’ quickly gained heat, as the OP posted this on the Pokemon community subreddit: “When is Game Freak going to give us themed gyms?” The user made it clear that they are referring to the lineups that Gym leaders choose in every game, which are grouped by Pokemon type. Instead, they propose them to be ‘themed.’

The OP further explained their idea: “A themed gym would have a theme, let’s say… a crazy cat lady, and then the Pokémon would just be cats with different types instead of all the same type. This would prevent you from steamrolling an entire gym just because of type advantage.”

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The other Pokemon players quickly showcased some cool ideas for the Gym-typing change: “I want a sound-themed gym. Give me trainers with Chimecho, Chatot, and Kricketune. Give me a leader with Exploud, Noivern, and Bronzong. The trainer also added: “I want a prehistoric-themed gym, where the leader has Yanmega, Tangrowth, and Mamoswine, and maybe a couple of fossils.”

While another player had a more yummy idea in mind: “Yess!! I think a food gym too! With all those food Pokemon like Dachsbun. Maybe a safari gym with Zebstrika and Pyroar. There’s so many options.”

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Their idea might be right on the spot, and the renewal could be what the Gym gimmick needed for a positive change. Other users also suggested combined-typing gyms and even duo gyms, where you face two team leaders in tandem.

In the case that Game Freak hears these proposals, we will let you know. In the meantime, there’s so much content to explore in The Teal Mask DLC, like the lore of Kitakami Island. And also, don’t forget that The Indigo Disk is close to launch.

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