Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players agree on removing this “redundant” type

Lucas Simons
Diglett and Dugtrio Pokemon anime

Types are one of the core mechanics of every Pokemon game since the beginning of the franchise. However, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players think one type is redundant and needs to be changed.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought a lot of changes, and Terastallization alongside the new Stellar-type are some of the most important. But typing has as many years in the Pokemon franchise, and players believe some of the types could be improved.

In this case, their beef is against one of the “less-used” types in the whole game, which, according to them, is redundant and could be merged with another one.

This was posted by Reddit user ’emstonhamwrites,’ along with the question: “If you could take one type out of the game, what would it be?” Of course, this immediately sparked a heated debate, and several players ended up deciding that Rock-type and Ground-type should be merged into one.

Most of the players stated that Rock and Ground types sound “redundant” and “to be fair should be considered a singular type.” While others also believe that Normal-type sounds quite “useless,” the majority of the players vouched for a merge between the two related types.

One of the players even suggested a possible name for the merged type: “Rock and ground could easily be consolidated terrestrial.”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans also stated that some rebalancing of the other types should be done if these two types end up becoming one: “Steel needs to keep the weakness, flying doesn’t need the immunity but could resist it, ice would then be neutral resistance but stay effective against it as well.”

They also stated that if Flying ended up being strong or resistant against Rock-type, that would mean a significant balance change for the game, and thus, not viable at all.

And there you have it, Pokemon players are asking for a balance change, or more so, a merging of the Rock and Ground types.

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