Pokemon Go’s ridiculously low Egg hatch rates are driving players “insane”

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go 12km egg hatch varoom

Certain popular picks in Pokemon Go are locked behind long-distance Eggs and players are sick of their absurdly low hatch rates.

Filling the Pokedex in Pokemon Go is extremely demanding as several Pokemon are locked behind Raids and Eggs. While even the toughest Raid-exclusive grabs can still be caught with the help of multiple trainers, hatching Eggs is a different ballgame.

Fan favorites like Larvesta, Charcadet, Varoom, and Salandit are limited to Eggs, and they’re so ridiculously rare that many have yet to add all of them to their collection. Also, the other Pokemon in the same Egg pool are usually pretty bad, having little to no use in the Go Battle League or Raids.

When Reddit user ‘Far-Beat-5489’ finally hatched a Varoom from a 12km Egg after a whopping 50 attempts, they called such Egg-locked Pokemon the “worst,” prompting other trainers to call out these hatches.

Users stated that they’re “still waiting on this dude” while also adding that they don’t have Charcadet and Salandit yet. Others mentioned that they did grab Varoom, but they got it way before Salazzle, which only evolves from a super rare female Salandit.

charcadet and its evolutions ceruledge and armarouge in pokemon go
Players need to hatch two of the extremely rare Charcadet to get Ceruledge and Armarouge.

That’s not all as Larvesta, despite being available in three different kinds of Eggs, is impossibly hard to get. “What’s driving me insane is that I STILL haven’t hatched a single Larvesta,” a player remarked.

As more fans talked about the locked species they’re missing in their collection, a trainer highlighted an important aspect of Eggs in general.

“Honestly I don’t mind egg-locked Pokemon I just wish Eggs had better things in them. Sometimes the PvP reward Pokemon seem better than Eggs,” they wrote before another added: “It’s when each Egg has 1 or 2 good picks with a 5% pull rate, and the rest are unusable/ugly/both (looking at you Vullaby) that I just don’t care about Eggs anymore.”

While most hatches from 10km Eggs are viable, the grueling 12km Eggs obtained from beating Team Go Rocket Leaders have long been slammed by the community for its possible Pokemon, demanding a revamp.

Meanwhile, you can get Egg Incubators from the Pokemon Go Shop more easily, thanks to the Field Research Ticket offering daily PokeCoins.