Pokemon Go Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket: Date & time, price, rewards, more

Niladri Sarkar
pokecoins in pokemon go

With a new way of getting PokeCoins coming to Pokemon Go, players are eager to get all the details. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket.

Pokemon Go players no longer have to rely only on putting their Pokemon in Gyms to grab PokeCoins as there’s a new paid Ticket in the game that will grant these prized assets daily.

Here’s all about the Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket in Pokemon Go, along with the date and time, cost, and rewards.


Pokemon Go Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket start date & time

The Pokemon Go Daily PokeCoin Field Research ticket will be available from May 16, 2024, at 12 AM to May 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM local time.

With this ticket, you will receive a bonus Field Research the first time you log into the game each day. Completing this daily task will reward you 20 PokeCoins, which you must claim before the next day.

Keep in mind that you must have three or fewer Field Research tasks active to grab the bonus task for PokeCoins.

How much does Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket cost in Pokemon Go?

The Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket costs $1.99 (or the equivalent price in your local currency) and is available for purchase from the in-game shop in Pokemon Go. Be sure to get this ticket before May 16, 2024, as the first task will go live at midnight.

While it’s not revealed whether the ticket will be up for grabs after May 16, we’ll update this article with the details once it goes live.

Pokemon Go Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket rewards

You will be rewarded a total of 300 PokeCoins for completing all the tasks of Daily PokeCoin Field Research in Pokemon Go.

You’ll be glad to know that you’re getting a 33% discount with this ticket as compared to buying the same 300 PokeCoins with real money.

Remember to log in each day to claim the Field Research task, ensuring you make a clear spot for it the previous day. Missing the login or failing to keep space will make you miss the day’s 20 PokeCoins.

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