Pokemon Go players call for long-awaited QoL update to 7km Eggs

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7km Eggs are arguably the most disliked of the lot in Pokemon Go, and players are now asking devs Niantic for a much-needed QoL feature they’ve been waiting years for.

Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go is a highly sought-after grind, as it gives players a better chance of getting Pokemon with great stats for PvP and PvE battles.

While 10km Eggs give the best species, such as Frigibax and Jangmo-o, as well as Larvesta, which is also present in the 2km and 5km Egg pool, the community is never too high on 7km and 12km Eggs due to their underwhelming hatches.

Now, players have mentioned why they particularly don’t like the 7km versions in the comments section of a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

Pokemon Go players beg Niantic to let them delete 7km Eggs

The OP captioned their post with: “Please give us the ability to delete 7 km gift eggs or opt out. Just.. please” and added that they never get other Eggs from PokeStops as their inventory is “constantly filled from opening gifts.”

Users agreed that it would be nice to delete Eggs they don’t want to hatch and when others joked about how Niantic would then sell Incubators in Pokemon Go, a player responded: “I would absolutely get more incubators if I could delete eggs I didn’t want.”

Trainers elaborated on how they have no interest in even putting 7km Eggs in Incubators, as one put it, “I have a 7K egg that I got back in August 2021 that is such garbage I refuse to put it in an Incubator.”

More players pushed for this QoL (Quality of Life) feature to delete Eggs, as one stated: “At the very least there should be a delete Eggs feature for select events so more people can take advantage of event Eggs. It’s very discouraging to have a full box of 7km+ eggs to hatch right as an event starts.”

While no such method exists in the game right now, fans revealed how they avoid the 7km Eggs altogether. “You can just wait till your eggs are full before opening gifts. Do it after playing and you should be good. I’ve not had a 7km for a really long time now.”

If you’re sick of hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go, check out the current Raids schedule for some amazing Legendary grabs.

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