Pokemon Go players stunned by impossible hatch from eight-year-old Egg

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go 5km egg hatch

A returning Pokemon Go player was in disbelief when their old 5km Egg hatched something impossible to get in the game now.

Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go is a great way to grab some of the best Pokemon in the game, as they usually have better stats than those in the wild.

With several species being limited to Eggs, players look forward to incubating them and hatching unique Pokemon. But, when a returning player shared their hatch from a 5km Egg received in 2016, the entire community couldn’t believe the OP’s luck.

The player in question is user ‘Minimum-Order-‘ who wrote, “Y’all won’t believe this” in a Reddit post, where they showed a Staryu they got from the eight-year-old Egg.

Fans were startled that this Staryu has access to the Fast Move Quick Attack, a move that it can no longer learn, even with Elite Fast TMs. Elaborating further, they added that this move was removed from Staryu’s movepool just a month after Pokemon Go’s release, making it “insanely rare.”

A player commented, “Dude that’s a real legacy. DON’T DELETE IT,” before adding: “DON’T EVOLVE IT EITHER.”

As users congratulated the OP, several trainers emphasized just how special the Staryu is. “It’s one of the rarest Pokemon in the game that you can never get back. I mean I would trade probably a couple of shinies for it over time,” a player stated.

You should know that Quick Attack can still be learned by Staryu’s evolution, Starmie. But, it would no longer be a prized Pokemon as this Fast Move is still a part of Starmie’s movepool, and not Staryu’s.

If you have 5km Eggs from 2016 in your collection, you can hope to get Staryu but keep in mind that it cannot be shiny, as shiny Staryu made its Pokemon Go debut in 2017.