Pokemon Go reveals new Special Research for players unable to complete Master Ball quest

pokemon go master ball with game backgroundNiantic

Many Pokemon Go players couldn’t complete the Master Ball quest, particularly due to the difficult ‘Win 60 Raids’ task, but thankfully, a new Special Research has been announced by Niantic to get the rarest Poke Ball. However, it comes with a catch that has sparked a debate among fans.

The Master Ball is the rarest and the best Poke Ball in Pokemon Go that gives players a 100% catch rate on any Pokemon, be it Legendaries from Raids or the Galarian Birds.

So trainers had to complete a season-long Timed Investigation to get a chance to grab a second Master Ball for themselves. That said, most had a tough time completing the tiring and long quests, especially the dreaded ‘Win 60 Raids’ task.

Now, it appears that those who can’t complete the Master Ball Timed Research will get a second chance to bag the highly desired item, but with a twist.

Reddit user ‘MarcusTheGreat’ shared a screengrab of the Pokemon Go Party Up event infographic in a post that highlighted a Special Research featuring the Master Ball, and captioned it with: “For all people stressing about your Master Ball quest.”

The community was split about the Special Research, with users expressing both the pros and cons of this paid Research quest.

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Many fans feel that the Special Research ticket would be “too pricy” and called it a “cash grab” as they expect it to cost as much as $5 or even more.

However, many trainers found it fair as one user put it, “Everyone had the FTP (free-to-play) option, they are now giving people a PTW (pay-to-win) option.” Another added: “I think it’s the same exact tasks you just have to pay to make it a permanent Research instead.”

Despite it being paid, other users pointed out a crucial bit about this new Master Ball Special Research.

“I’ll have unlimited time to finish these tasks, meaning that I will eventually finish and get my second Master Ball this way,” a player explained, as another mentioned: “Would rather pay, and have unlimited time.”

pokemon go galarian moltres, zapdos, and articuno with game backgroundNiantic
The Galarian Bird trio are the most sought-after Master Ball catches.

So while the community is certainly bothered by the cost requirement, it goes without saying that players can complete even the most rigorous tasks of this Research by taking as long as they like, giving them a guaranteed Master Ball in the long run.

Also, fans should note that this Special Research won’t award a third Master Ball as it’s only going to be available to those who couldn’t complete the Timed Research to get a second Master Ball.

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As you try to capture the Master Ball in Pokemon Go, have a look at the Routes and Party Play features in the game.

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