Pokemon Go players tired of “year-long” bug ruining Shadow Raids

Lucas Simons
Jesse and Meowth Pokemon Anime

As new Shadow Raids arrive in Pokemon Go, trainers are trying their best to get those prized Shadow Legendaries, but something can get in between them and their objective: a Shadow Raid bug that hasn’t been fixed in a year.

Pokemon Go has renewed its Shadow Raid rotations with the addition of Raikou, Enteir, and Suicune on their dark versions. However, a Shadow Gem bug has been annoying the players since 2023, and now, it has come back to haunt ongoing Raids.

Players have already reported this issue several times, as their first complaints can be backtracked from the first appearance of the bug to May 2023, during the Rising Shadows event. This issue affected mostly the Shadow Mewtwo Raids back then, and though Niantic declared this was solved, players seem to think otherwise.

According to Reddit user ‘skewtr,’ this bug continues to plague trainers that enter Shadow Raids and use Purified Gems to eliminate the “Enraged” Status from Shadow Pokemon.

The OP stated: “Some players will see this old tweet and believe it to be true today, because Niantic has not acknowledged any new bugs for this since. With Mewtwo coming up, Niantic needs to address this ASAP.”

Other trainers also declared that they had issues with their Shadow Raikou Raids, and have spent all their Purified Gems on it, only to fail the raid due to its Enrage Status never disappearing. One concerned player wrote: “Really disheartening all the bugs with Shadow Legendary Raids. It’s hard enough to get people for random weekend in-person only Raids only for stuff like this to happen.”

Meanwhile, another Pokemon Go trainer also stated: “Niantic need to get rid of Purified Gems and Shadow engagement completely. It’s actually costing them money because it means less raids are done. They are not very smart when it comes to business.”

As this bug keeps affecting many Pokemon Go players, it remains to be disclosed if Niantic has already come up with a solution for the Shadow Raid problem. We will keep you informed if anything comes up.

In the meantime, you can prepare to defeat Shadow Entei with this guide, and here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Sizeable Surprises event.

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