Pokemon Go players use rare Master Ball to troll with Magikarp catch

Magikarp and a Master Ball in Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go finally introduced the Master Ball for players to secure a really tough catch in the game. However, some trainers are already using it for fun on Pokemon like Magikarp, Bidoof, and more.

After many rumors and some leaks, the Master Ball made its way into Pokemon Go during the Rising Heroes season. Players can complete a Special Research tied to the latest Let’s Go event to get their hands on the ultimate Poke Ball for free.

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While this is very exciting for some trainers, most are wondering what to use it for. Since Pokemon Go lets players capture many of the same Legendary Pokemon, and Mythicals are tied to events with guaranteed catches, players feel like there’s no point using the new item.

Others, however, already used their only Master Ball for some pretty hilarious catches.

Pokemon Go players catch Magikarp using Master Ball

Whenever there is a Master Ball, there is also a group of Pokemon players that like to use it to catch some of the weakest creatures in the franchise. Pokemon Go is no exception, and Reddit is seeing a lot of interesting uses for the Master Ball since the item arrived.

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“I use the master ball to catch Magikarp in EVERY Pokemon game, so yes, this is a more valuable use for it than the Galarian birds,” stated one Reddit user sharing his brand-new Magikarp nicknamed Masterkarp.

While some fans genuinely asked the player why they would waste their only Master Ball on such an easy catch, most users celebrated the event and shared a laugh.

Searching through Reddit, another post titled “How to use your master ball” shows a trainer using the item to catch a Golbat. In the comments, many players agree that there’s no use in reserving the Master Ball for a specific Pokemon.

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A lot of trainers plan on using their Master Ball on Pokemon like the fan-favorite Bidoof. Others want to use it to catch a Pidgey, which ironically isn’t as easy to encounter anymore.

On a different note, some trainers are also sharing accidental uses of the Master Ball. The 4-year-old son of a Pokemon Go player captured a Research Breakthrough Parasect using the Master Ball because he thought it looked scary and needed a powerful ball to catch it. Trainers mourned the lost Master Ball in the comments.

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What Pokemon should you use the Master Ball on?

In case you’re wondering what the best use for the Master Ball is in Pokemon Go, many players agree that the Galarian Bird trio is the best option. These legendaries only spawn when players use the Daily Adventure Incense and have an extremely low catch rate. The problem is there are three Galarian Legendary Birds and only one Master Ball, so you’re going to have to choose carefully.

While there are other powerful Pokemon you can use your Master Ball on, the tough part isn’t the catch itself, but encountering them first. Most Legendary Pokemon are tied to 5-Star Raids, so you only have to wait until they come back to the rotation to defeat them and catch them.

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Either way, like the trainers that shared their Magikarp and Golbat, you can use the Master Ball on whatever Pokemon you like the most.

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