Pokemon Go players stunned by trainer’s “crazy luck” with perfect shiny on Christmas

Niladri Sarkar
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A Pokemon Go player’s rare shundo catch during Christmas has everyone in disbelief as they laud the trainer’s luck while also suggesting what to do with the Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go community is eager to end 2023 on a high as they enjoy an exciting December filled with new Pokemon from the Paldea region, powerful Raid Bosses, and the ever-challenging Team Go Rocket.

Trainers have plenty of species to capture, such as Cetoddle and costumed Pikachu, as the community hopes to get 100 IV Mons and shinies to add to their collection.

But a lucky Pokemon Go trainer has taken everyone by surprise as they got one of the rarest possible captures in the mobile game.

A user named ‘eliasbolt6’ shared a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit that showed a 100 IV Shadow shiny Bellsprout caught by defeating Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo and wrote: “My friend just started playing last week…” while joking: “First thing he asked is if he should purify it. Don’t worry, I said yes, of course.”

Several Pokemon Go fans expressed their wonder at the rare catch on such a special occasion with comments such as: “A shadow shundo on Christmas day” and “Sounds like he’s having a merry xmas.”

Many assumed that the lucky trainer was a new player but the OP clarified: “He played up till level ~15ish in 2016, didn’t touch his account till just recently. I’ve been getting him caught up on all the new features and he sent me this screenshot this morning. He’s level 24 as of today!”

Since the post revolves around Shadow Pokemon, a good number of comments shed light on whether the shundo shadow Bellsprout, called “shundow” by the community, should be purified.

“Shadow Pokemon deal 20% more damage than non shadow, so a 0.0.0 is better than a 15.15.15 non shadow in a 1v1 situation,” a trainer explained before another added: “It’s been said already, but the fact is, a 0% shadow Pokemon hits harder than the 100% non-shadow version.”

Fans should know that returning Pokemon Go players tend to have a greater chance of encountering a shiny and the OP’s friend certainly got it even better with the shundow as a person put it, “All my friends with 2016 accounts have crazy luck.”

Additionally, a perfect IV shadow Pokemon hits way harder than a non-shadow version, so keeping the shadow unchanged is the way to go.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some rare catches in Pokemon Go, check out how to get Frigibax and Larvesta.

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