Pokemon Go player reveals simple tips to catch all Vivillon patterns

Niladri Sarkar
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Catching all Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Go is one of the most difficult parts of the mobile game. But a player has shared some useful tips on how to catch all Vivillon patterns.

Many Pokemon Go players are yet to add all Vivillon patterns to their PokeDex. This Gen 6 Pokemon has 20 different patterns, and Niantic introduced a unique way to collect all of them. Players need to open postcards from various parts of the world to unlock regional patterns and encounter Scatterbug in the game.

Then, they can use 25 Candies to evolve Scatterbug into Spewpa and 100 Candies to evolve Sepwa into Vivillon.

Players have found it difficult to get enough Scatterbug Candy for all Vivillon patterns. But a Pokemon Go player’s Reddit post about catching all patterns included detailed tips on unlocking every one of them in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players shares tips to catch all Vivillon patterns

In a post by Pokemon Go player leann-crimes on Reddit that read “Guys I did it! Got every Vivillon!!” many players appeared to be clueless on how they could catch all Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Go.

Fellow players commented “How? I only have one of these guys…. EDIT: I actually have zero” as well as “I never heard of this.”

However, the OP revealed how they got the job done in their reply to one of the comments:

“You trade and pin postcards! each Vivillon is associated with a particular region so you initially need I think 3 pinned postcards from each region to get each Scatterbug. some regions are smaller and therefore trickier than others. then you just need to keep going to enough candy to evolve to Spewpa and later Vivillon. which means lots of gift exchanging bc then you get to catch a Scatterbug from each region after 9 and then 15 postcards pinned from each. you can pin three of your own postcards daily as well.

Also, having one as a buddy helps to get more candy, recent 2x catch candy events have been helpful, I’ve shoveled a bunch of rare candies into the project as well, and using silver/pinap berries is essential, also having a bug type mega evolution active when pinning postcards will get you more catch candy from Scatterbug.”

This explains in detail how you can get Scatterbug from all regions and also collect Candies to get every Vivillon pattern. Players need to take advantage of events that offer 2x catch Candy such as Spotlight Hours and open postcards during this time.

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