Pokemon Go player catches “impossibly rare” shiny Shadow Bagon without Arlo

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go team rocket shiny shadow bagon

Team Rocket Leader Arlo no longer has Shadow Bagon in Pokemon Go, but a lucky player has shocked everyone by catching its extremely rare shiny version in the unlikeliest way.

The World of Wonders: Taken Over event in Pokemon Go rerolled the lineups of Team Go Rocket Leaders, but players are not happy with the new Shadow Pokemon up for grabs.

Everyone is particularly calling out Arlo, as they feel his team is a downgrade from his previous Pokemon Shadow Bagon, which evolves into Shadow Salamence, one of the strongest Dragon-types in the game.

So, everyone was shocked when a trainer with the username ‘Rnin0913’ on Reddit shared a post that showed a shiny Shadow Bagon caught from a Grunt.

Users lauded the feat with comments such as: “You’re so lucky” and “This is awesome! Congrats!!” as getting a shiny from a Grunt is quite a task in Pokemon Go.

Others stressed how difficult it is to even find a Grunt with Dragon types, calling the shiny Shadow Bagon “impossibly rare.”

“I didn’t know it was still in the pool because Dragon Grunt is so rare,” a trainer said. You should know that you can get Shadow Bagon, Gible, or Dratini from the NPC, with Shadow Salamence having the highest DPS (Damage Per Second) out of their three evolutions.

When you face a Grunt with Dragon-type Pokemon, make sure to use counters with Dragon, Fairy, or Ice-type attacks to win the battle easily.

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