Pokemon Go players slam Niantic Campfire for lackluster Raids feature tests

Ezequiel Leis
Niantic Campfire and Pokemon Go logos

Pokemon Go developer Niantic launched a new limited-time feature for its Campfire companion app for players to Team Up and Raid together, but players don’t seem to be interested.

The Niantic Campfire companion app for Pokemon Go is testing a new limited-time feature called Team Up. This allows players to have a hub where they can host and join Raids without the need of using third-party apps.

While the feature has been a long time coming, players aren’t pleased with Niantic Campfire in general due to its restrictive gameplay, invite-only availability, and this new limited-time feature.

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What is Niantic Campfire’s Team Up feature for Pokemon Go?

The new Team Up feature in Niantic Campfire allows Pokemon Go players to host and join Raids. This task was impossible without a third-party app until now. The bad news is that Team Up is a limited-time invite-only feature that is available from March 22 to March 29, 2023.

While Niantic Campfire is also an invite-only app, new invites have been going out for both the app and the feature since March 22. Reddit users have reported issues when trying to log in after receiving an email from Niantic and doubt they’ll be able to try Team Up before March 29.

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Others stated that there’s no point in trying a feature that should be permanent until the user base grows. It is unknown if the feature will become available again after this limited-time test.

How to get Niantic Campfire for Pokemon Go

Currently, the Niantic Campfire companion app for Pokemon Go is only available in select European and US cities. In July 2022, Niantic assured players the app was going to be available worldwide “soon”. They haven’t shared any new official announcements since.

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Players can access the app directly or through Pokemon Go by tapping the green map icon on the top right of the main World view. From there, they can access the Team Up feature by tapping the blue ‘Find a Raid’ button. The Team Up hub lets players choose to view the Campfire map, host a Raid, or join a Raid.

Pokemon Go players aren’t too excited to try Team Up since the user base is extremely small. Many of the registered players have stopped using it for months due to the lack of activity.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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