Pokemon Go players praise Adventure Week as “best event” of the year

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023 banner

Adventure Week 2023 is on a roll and Pokemon Go players are loving the event so far. Be it for the rewards, or the featured Pokemon, it has already been branded 2023’s “best event so far.”

Adventure Week 2023 started on July 27, and it seems that it could be the most popular event so far. With a spotlight on Fossil Pokemon like Tyrunt, Amaura, and Aerodactyl, the event came with two Timed Research paths to follow.

After the Community Classic Event: Squirtle was plagued by login issues and the controversial Hatch Day Riolu was considered too “time-gated,” Pokemon Go players are still struggling to figure out how to use Routes and how to obtain Zygarde Cells.

On the other hand, it seems that with this Adventure Week event, Niantic has nailed it. The event features a lot of popular Rock Type Pokemon with their shiny versions, and players couldn’t be happier with it.

The Pokemon Go Reddit community is already praising the event, calling it “the best event so far of 2023.” Players seem to be overjoyed with the possibility of getting their hands on a Shiny Amaura or Tyrunt.

Fossil Pokemon are really hard to get in Pokemon Go, and this Adventure Week has given the players the opportunity they were waiting for long. As another player stated: “The fossil Pokemon are some of my absolute favourite so I’m a bit bias lol.”

Another agreed and commented that this is the “best event so far,” while another said, “Adventure Week is always a personal favorite, and it’s a banger this year.”

The Shiny Amaura and Tyrunt designs are pretty neat, that is a given. But it remains to be seen if Adventure Week 2023 is going to be the best event of the year come 2024.

With the upcoming double debut of Diancie, and the Pokemon Go City Safari Tour 2023, it will have to raise the bar relatively high for it to be crowned ‘the best of 2023.’

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