Pokemon Go Fest 2023 to feature groundbreaking double debut with Mega Diancie

Lucas Simons
Diancie Pokemon Go

Diancie and its Mega Evolution will arrive with a historical double debut during Pokemon Go Fest 2023. This Rock/Fairy dual Type Pokemon could be a game-changer for the Pokemon Go meta, so here’s what we know.

For the first time in Pokemon Go‘s history, we will have a double debut of a Pokemon and its Mega Evolution. Diancie and Mega Diancie will come to Pokemon Go during the Go Fest 2023 event, coming in early August to the US (New York), Japan (Osaka), and England (London).

Players present during these in-person events will be able to get Diancie and its Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve the Pokemon. Participants will also have an opportunity to catch Carbink as well.

Other Pokemon Go trainers with access to the Special Access Ticket will have to wait for the Pokemon Go Fest: Global event starting on August 26, 2023, to be able to catch the Rock/Fairy Mythical Pokemon Diancie.

Mega Diancie in Pokemon Go
Mega Diancie will be a powerful Fairy Type that could even dethrone Mega Gardevoir.

We currently don’t know the specific tasks required to catch Diancie during the Special Research that will come with the event, but some Pokemon Go community experts like ‘JonkusPKMN’, are already speculating about its stats and according to them, Diancie will come with charged attacks like Rock Slide, Moonblast, and Rock Throw.

The announcement took the community by surprise, and some X (former Twitter) users are already speculating about the event being via a quest to prevent people from “grinding a mythical.” While others are satisfied with the double debut and are eager to participate.

Diancie evolves from Carbink, according to the Pokedex, due to a sudden pressure exposure, and the energy that it irradiates is said to be “the most beautiful thing in the world.”

The debuting Pokemon could be a good counter for competitive meta Pokemon like Stunfisk, Bastiodon, and Swampert.

That’s all we know about Diancie and its Mega Evolution debut at Pokemon Go Fest 2023. For more Pokemon Go information, you can consult our Zygarde Cells farming guide, or all you need to know about the upcoming Spotlight Hours.