Pokemon Go players impressed by Yungoos defending gym for a whole year

Lucas Simons
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Pokemon Go is a game that requires trainers to put their partners to guard strategic locations called Gyms. But what happens when that Pokemon is stuck in the same Gym for a long period of time?

Pokemon Go is sunsetting its twelfth season, Adventures Abound, and is about to roll out a new one called Timeless Travels. While the players wait for new challenges and content to arrive in the popular mobile game, some trainers are sharing their season’s achievements with the community.

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And this Pokemon Go trainer recently took to social media to boast about his partner Yungoos’s impressive feat: it defended a Gym for an entire year. That’s right, an entire year. Here’s what the community says about this Yungoos tale of resilience and his trainer’s patience.

A Pokemon holding out (AKA being stuck) in a Gym for several months is not a strange occurrence. Especially with the current Gym system, which many trainers are calling out to be changed.

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So that’s why Reddit user ‘philosophical-fool’ post caused some laughter among the Pokemon Go community. He had this to say about his Yungoos stalling for time in a local Gym: “My boy successfully defended a gym for 1 year. Go on. Congratulate him. Don’t be shy.”

This immediately sparked a warm and cheerful shower of comments on behalf of many Pokemon Go trainers, such as: “He is no longer yungoos he is middleagedgoos now,” and “When you finally get him back you’d have already hit your 50 coin limit for the day.”

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This last comment refers to the fact that no matter how long your Pokemon has defended a Gym, the daily cap for coins is always 50. And it might be already covered for the day when a Pokemon such as this Yungoos finally comes back home, which would yield 0 (zero) coins to its trainer.

This is another of the reasons why trainers believe the Pokemon Go Gym system is broken. Which was remarked by this Reddit user’s comment: “Behold the pain of a rural player where it’s quite common to get defense-locked with 20 Pokemon stuck in gyms with no in-game source of coins for however long it takes for someone to come along and liberate them.”

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We will let you know in the unlikely case that this Gym Mechanic changes. But in the meantime, there’s a Hisuian Samurott Raid incoming. Also, a lot of changes coming to Community Days in Pokemon Go.

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