Pokemon Go player completes entire Kanto Shiny Lucky Pokedex: “It’s beautiful”

Joaquín Frere
Kantonian Pokemon in Pokemon Go.Niantic

A Pokemon Go player has shared their complete Kanto Pokedex in shiny and Lucky forms, and the community was blown away by this achievement.

Working your way up Pokemon Go’s Pokedex is no easy feat, and there are a lot of different creatures to catch. Every region has almost all its Pokemon available, and some of them can be found in its shiny versions.

The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon is 1 in 500 inside Pokemon Go, a lot better than the 1 to 4096 chances in the mainline games. Rare or lucky spawns, Community Days, and Egg hatching are some of the ways of obtaining these rare versions.

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When trying to complete a regional Pokedex inside Pokemon Go, no one expected this Reddit user’s devotion to not only shiny catches but also Lucky versions of all 151 Kanto Pokemon.

An entire Pokemon Go shiny Kanto collection in Lucky forms

Reddit user ‘yakusokuN8’ shared a couple of screenshots to the Pokemon Go subreddit showcasing their entire shiny Lucky Kanto Pokemon collection. This means that not only did they snatch every rare form of all Kanto Pokemon, but they also traded them for the Lucky versions.

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When trading Pokemon between players in Pokemon Go, you can stumble upon a rare phenomenon called “Lucky trade.” This ensures an almost perfect score in all the Pokemon’s stats for both players, as well as adding a nice shiny effect to the creature’s background.

This surprising feat took a whole year of trading and catching, as well as tons of events played alongside a friend of the trainer. The OP went on to explain in the first comment of their post how they’d done it and even joked, “No, I don’t have a life.”

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The community’s reaction included some “what the f**k” comments, and even a “you win the game” statement. “Your commitment is commendable,” said one user, adding, “I could never put myself through that grind, good on you mate.”

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