Pokemon Go players divided over “ridiculous” catch rate of newer species

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go new gen 9 species from paldea region

Many Pokemon Go players feel that catching the recently added species in the mobile game is difficult even though they are neither rare nor meta-relevant, while other Pokemon have “wasted potential.” This has left trainers split on whether the catch rates are justified.

Catching all the available Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the bare minimum for any player. But not all encounters are built the same as some species are harder to catch due to their high flee rate.

Naturally, fans expect Legendaries, Pseudo Legendaries, and the rarest Pokemon to be the difficult ones to capture but funnily enough, some regular species seem to be giving the community a tough time when it comes to catching them.

Reddit user ‘Unbekannnt0’ asked “Does anyone feel like the newer Pokemon are too hard to catch?” in a post and further context by stating that “if a 300 CP Tadbulb (that doesn’t even have a powerful evolution) is harder to catch than a 1700 CP Magmar, there’s something wrong.”

The player also mentioned that Wimpod has a low catch rate while Beldum is easy to capture, in stark contrast to the mainline games, calling it “wasted potential.”

Pokemon Go fans agreed with the OP and wrote: “The bane of my existence is throwing 2 excellent curveballs to no avail, then getting the catch on a complete miss. Pain” as well as “Is that why it’s been so hard?! God I was wondering what the hell was going on.”

Some users gave a few instances of how they’re struggling with recently added Pokemon. One of them mentioned, “I wasted about 20 balls and berries on a Sandygast today,” as another stated: “Swirlix has 0 business being as hard to catch as it is. I don’t even bother trying.”

A few players said that they found it challenging to bag a 150 CP Sprigatito. While starters are typically hard to capture, the OP emphasized a very important point:

“I know starters are hard to catch, but I’m talking about Pokemon that shouldn’t be hard, but are. And even Pokemon like Pawmi or Lechonk (early game with low CP) frequently have yellow or orange circles, which the early game Pokemon of the first generations don’t have,” the player explained.

As more users slammed the “ridiculous” catch rates, it looks like some trainers are fine with them.

“That’s why they are giving us more items at the PokeStops at the moment, for the harder catch rate,” a fan wrote, while another added: “If anything, the older ones might be too easy to catch. They’re giving us a ton of (Poke) Balls too.”

It appears that newer Pokemon do seem to have a low catch rate that goes on to get easier later on, so the extra Poke Balls from PokeStops are definitely a boon to the community.

As you try to catch more species in Pokemon Go, check out the best attackers to keep an eye on as well as the current Raid lineup.

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