Niantic respond to Pokemon Go concerns as Routes keep crashing game

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Routes

As more Pokemon Go players report issues with the new Routes feature, there’s also a lot of concern about game crashes occurring frequently. Niantic is responding to player complaints and asking “for more patience.”

The Pokemon Go community is experiencing a series of issues while playing the game. Players are reporting being totally blocked from the Routes feature, while others are experiencing a series of crashes that trap their game in a constant “crash loop.”

Some community members are having their devices totally blocked after starting a Route, and others are still struggling to find a single Route in their vicinity. During Adventure Week, there were a series of updates and patches, but none seemed to fix the problem.

When questioned about what is happening with the game crashes, Niantic answered that “they are aware” and “looking into similar reports where trainers are experiencing issues while playing Routes.”

As stated in the previous quote, the Routes feature is experiencing a general malfunction, that often makes the game crash, making the route exploration constantly pause and impossible to complete.

Some users state that “the game goes into a death loop” if you try to start or create a Route. In the meantime, the community has piled up efforts to find a solution.

As Reddit user ‘homerspapa_the_2nd’ reports, Routes are impossible and “really buggy” right now. As a result, the community offered some makeshift solutions to this. One of them was “turning adventure sync off” as it apparently helped some players with the issues.

Another possible solution for the “crash loop”, as suggested by ‘ddark4’, would be completely uninstalling the game and re-installing it again. Yet, this measure should be used as a last resort.

Currently, there are no official solutions for this series of issues, but we will keep you informed when the Pokemon Go devs launch a fix for them. In the meantime, you can check out how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go, or our guide on how to beat the Mega Gyarados Raid.