Pokemon Go players beg for more type specific events following Dragon success

Lucas Simons
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The recent Dragon-type-focused event in Pokemon Go left all players wanting more, and now they are gathering to talk about how they would love to see more events like this one.

Pokemon Go players are always looking for the strongest Pokemon to add to their teams, and Dragon-type Pokemon are some of the fiercest on the Pokedex. Often called Pseudo-Legendaries, Dragon-types are so strong and coveted, that they’re hard to find in any game.

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Pokemon Go is no exception to this rule since Dragon-type Pokemon have the lowest spawn rates of them all. With the recent Dragon-type focused event: Dragons Unleashed, Pokemon trainers were desperately left asking for more.

That’s why a group of Pokemon Go players have gathered to share how sad they feel about the Dragon event ending, and admitted that they would love to see something similar in the future.

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The OP expressed how much they liked the Pokemon Go Dragons Unleashed Lunar New Year event, said and how he misses the Gibble spawns. Another Reddit user agreed: “First day after an event ends is always so depressing lol.”

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Many of the players stated that they really enjoyed the event. However, some users also commented that post-event spawns should change, because it’s “tiresome” to see the same Pokemon every time: “Tired of seeing useless Grubbins and Hoppips.”

Meanwhile, other trainers begged devs to see this event in the future again: “We need more of these!” and another user even suggested it should become a regular: “We should have single-type focused event… like Spotlight Hours but… all Fire-type, Water-type, Dragon-type.”

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So there you have it, Pokemon Go players want to see more events like Dragons Unleashed in the future. And if you are wondering what’s happening in Pokemon world lately, here’s what these fans think about starter shiny spawns, and this is how a Pokemon trainer brought back his team from 20 years ago.

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