Pokemon Go players divided on “basic” Dragon-type Global Challenge bonuses

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go lunar new year 2024 event dragons unleashed global challenge drampa

Fans of Pokemon Go are grinding hard to complete the Dragons Unleashed Global Challenge that will unlock several bonuses. While some look forward to them, others are not high on these perks.

Dragon types are some of the rarest and strongest Pokemon in the franchise, arguably the most sought-after species among Pokemon Go players.

Events featuring Dragons are uncommon, so fans leave no stone unturned to catch ’em all when they take place in the mobile game. With the Lunar New Year 2024 event hosting several Dragon Pokemon, everyone is hooked.

To unlock better and rarer Dragon types in the wild and Raids, as well as certain moves, trainers will have to complete a special Global Challenge of one billion Nice Throws. But it looks like the community is divided over these bonuses, with some loving them and others, not so much.

A user named ‘Foulmouth232’ shared a screengrab of the Global Challenge on Reddit and wrote: “While it’s nice to have a Global Challenge for a change, aren’t the rewards like… Basic features for an event?” prompting mixed opinions from fellow trainers in the comments section.

Some Pokemon Go players agreed with the OP, as they commented: “I see your point” and “They’ve go-festified normal gameplay by pushing a significant amount of the normal event content into tickets and challenges.”

With the rise in Research quests and bonuses locked behind a paywall in recent events, fans speculated that this Global Challenge is aimed to “slowly reduce the free event bonuses without it being so obvious.”

A few aren’t bothered too much about the Challenge as the grind is fairly simple to them. “I guess it’s fine then since all you have to do is the bare minimum. ‘Nice throws?’ People are complaining about having to do nice throws?” one user remarked.

pokemon go dragon-type species drampa
Drampa and its shiny version made their debut at this event.

Others, however, are enjoying the quest as they mentioned: “I like the challenge” and “I’m having SO much fun with this lunar new year event.”

They called fellow players “nitpicky” as Nice Throws are pretty easy to do in Pokemon Go, and one even pointed out that “it’s a global challenge, it will be finished by others even if you don’t play for the next 2-3 days.”

In fact, the OP also commented: “Definitely not the biggest issue around. And like I said in the title, it’s nice to have a Global Challenge for a change,” before adding that they wish the bonuses would be more “exciting.”

While you may or may not like this Pokemon Go event, you can still catch some rare Dragon types such as Jangmo-o, Drampa, Druddigon, and Turtonator.

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