Pokemon Go player resigned after coming close to completing Master Ball Research: “I’ve accepted my fate”

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Pokemon Go recently sunsetted the Master Ball Research, and while some players have already successfully received the Master Ball, some others as lucky. This is what the community said about a player that came so close but didn’t meet the deadline by minutes.

Pokemon Go‘s Adventures Abound will come to an end soon, and after three months, the Master Ball Research is finally over. Trainers all over the world are already catching their own Galar Legendary birds, or being bamboozled by the usual tricksters.

It is known that Pokemon Go trainers are always on the edge, grinding for tasks to complete Research in the nick of time. But this trainer just had to give up, after putting in a lot of effort, and the community has empathized with their suffering, even offering some tips for the next time.

This happened to Reddit user ‘Alarming-Ad3696’ who came absolutely close to finishing the Master Ball Research, but didn’t manage to meet the deadline, and was only two Raids away from receiving the precious item.

The player posted this on Reddit and declared: “I’ve accepted my fate.” Suddenly, a wave of concerned players who felt for their suffering hurried to console them.

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Another Pokemon Go player shared their distressing situation, similar to Alarming-Ad3696’s: “I just completed mine today, all for that d**n Masterball, I was out all day looking for raids. (Back when we had 80 days I was like no problem a raid a day and that will be done) guess who put things off to the last week.”

One of the players also offered some advice on a popular app to organize raids and join many players around the globe: “Pokegenie lets you raid like anywhere in the world.” The problem with this app is that it requires Remote Passes to participate, which leads to microtransaction creep.

This rural player also called out a recurring issue affecting many Pokemon Go players living in remote areas: “This was exactly my position but there were no eggs in the gyms around me.” This user’s statement can be heard by many other rural players who took this chance to complain, once more, about the missing PokeStops and Gyms in their areas.

As mentioned before, Research is getting harsher, and even counter-intuitive for Pokemon Go users. So it is no surprise that players like Alarming-Ad3696 have trouble completing them.

We will keep you informed about all you need to know for future Master Ball Research . Keep an eye out for that, or check out our Raid Schedule with all the info you need to catch’em all.

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