Pokemon Go player makes “adorable” DIY gift for partner & fans are obsessed

Niladri Sarkar
a picture of a gift that can be sent to friends in pokemon go

A Pokemon Go trainer has won everyone’s heart by creating a real-life version of the game’s gift for their partner with a “cute” surprise hidden in it, that has the community appreciating the player’s effort and thoughtfulness.

Being a Pokemon Go fan is not easy, as the popular mobile game is usually riddled with bugs and glitches during events and with new Pokemon, leading to the community slamming devs Niantic on numerous occasions.

But in many cases, the game gives everyone plenty of reasons to be proud of and beam with joy. A situation like this popped up when a trainer’s Pokemon Go-themed gift idea got lauded by everyone and they declared that the player won the internet with the gesture.

A user named ‘Ice8tack’ shared two pictures in a Reddit post that showed a DIY present modeled on a gift from Pokemon Go. The player captioned them: “Made a gift for my partner,” while also writing: “Spent 3 days working on this and I hope they love it. Can’t wait to see the look on their face later today!”

The first picture showed how the ‘gift’ looks just like the one from Pokemon Go. If that wasn’t amazing already, the second picture revealed a small Mareep plush inside the gift, that melted the hearts of fellow trainers.

Several users praised the OP’s creation with comments that included: “That’s absolutely adorable (The gift, the work that went into it, AND the contents!)” and, “God I would do anything for such a cute relationship. This is super cute, OP, I’m sure your partner is gonna adore it!”

Others mentioned how they’d love it if they received something like this. “That’s too cute, I’d fold if somebody gave me this,” a person claimed as one user also stated that they would “cry” if they got the surprise.

When asked how they made the gift, the OP replied, “Made it out of foam core board,” before another added: “There’s a download you can find on the Silph Road sub. You print it off onto one sheet of paper. You can do that and use that as a model for making one out of foam board.”

The community called it “one of the best things seen on this platform” and summed it up perfectly with: “Amazing. You win the internet today.”

With the Mareep Community Day Classic on November 25, 2023, the OP’s partner couldn’t have gotten a better gift and is sure to love it.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Party Play feature and the species that evolve by trading in Pokemon Go to boost your interaction with your in-game friends.