Pokemon Go player bags one-in-six-billion catch trainers didn’t know was possible

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gen 2 species unown featured in go fest

A Pokemon Go player couldn’t believe their luck when they caught one of the rarest spawns in the game at the most unlikely time, which many assumed to be impossible!

Unown may be a common Pokemon Go spawn during Go Fest events, finding it otherwise is nearly impossible. A rare Gen 2 Pokemon, Unown has 28 different forms, and most are yet to catch ’em all.

So, when a user named ‘HoneyBee098’ shared a Reddit post that showed an Unown S captured in the wild, fellow players were shocked. The OP was so surprised at the encounter that they were curious if Unown spawn rates were boosted.

Users in the comments section congratulated the OP on the grab, calling it “one of the rarest spawns outside of events.” Others were taken back as they assumed that Unown only appeared during Go Fest, admitting they had no clue about it being available.

A trainer mentioned that they’ve been playing Pokemon Go since its beginning in 2016 and they have never seen one unless it was a special event. Another revealed that had seen multiple spawns of the Legendary Mesprit in the wild, but no Unown.

When a person asked how rare the Unown spawn was, a player shared the jaw-dropping odds of the encounter. “It’s actually 1/6 million,” they stated, throwing everyone off-guard.

You should know that Unown can also be shiny in Pokemon Go, so keep an eye out for these exceptionally rare catches regardless of whether it’s Go Fest or not.

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