Pokemon Go player discovers “terrifying” Party bug destined to become a meme

Joaquín Frere
Wopper and Paldean Wopper on the Community Day splash art

The Pokemon Go app still has some issues to fix, but this Reddit user found a “menacing” bug when trying to catch a Wooper during its Pokemon Go Community Day.

Pokemon Go players are all about using the app 24/7, and some bugs might come their way when trying to catch new creatures. One of the new additions to the game is the Party feature, and it still has some issues that Niantic are bound to fix.

Party Play allows up to four Pokemon Go trainers to play together for one hour, as long as they’re level 15 or above. When using Party Play, your avatar will appear on the screens of every other team member.

While exploring Pokemon Go’s latest community day, Reddit user dahrhel discovered a Wooper-catching Party only to find another “wild” bug.

Pokemon Go’s latest Community Day featured Wooper and its Paldean form from Scarlet and Violet. The regional form became available for the first time ever in Pokemon Go alongside its shiny version and Ground-type evolution, Clodsire.

The player’s shadow seems to render a lot bigger compared to little Wooper’s size, and the Pokemon Go community on Reddit quickly jumped to react. This “terrifying” bug has “meme potential,” according to comments on the OP’s picture. Others joked and pointed out the smile of the creature while gazing at the big player’s shadow.

As one of the final Pokemon to be featured in 2023’s Community Day, the Party feature was an obvious choice for players around the world. Thanks to Niantic Support’s account on X, trainers have an official source of known issues and bug-fixing updates to keep track of.

However, if you’re still looking to catch ’em all in Pokemon Go, check out all about the Chinchou Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon Go, as well as how to dominate the Mega Garchomp raid battle.

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