Pokemon Go devs reveal a ton of new content–but players are not impressed

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Paldean Adventures

Pokemon Go devs presented the game’s next season titled Adventures Abound, but players are still dealing with the aftermath of several game-breaking patches that left the game in a poor state.

Niantic finally announced the content drops incoming with the new season of Pokemon Go, Adventures Abound, that will feature the debut of Paldean Pokemon with the new Ultra Unlock event. However, in the aftermath of the announcements for the new season, players expressed mixed feelings as many are still dealing with game-breaking bugs and unsolved issues.

It’s been a while since the last major patch was implemented into the game, and Pokemon Go players are still dealing with the buggy Routes feature and other connectivity issues that often ruin Community Days and other major events.

A Reddit community member named D23rd shared the above issue, and a lot of players agreed to be having the same problem as him: “Mine was boxes around every letter and my avatar was all black.”

Some users claimed that they were not able to play at all, while one of the members of the community offered a possible solution for this issue: “I had the same problem with the new update. It fixed itself after downloading all assets and restarting a few times.”

While re-installing all game files via the App Store may be a potential solution for these issues, the community cannot help but think that all these problems cropping up right before the new seasonal content arrives in early September may be “a bad signal.”

Pokeon Go players slam Charmander Community Day Classic

On the other hand, some unsatisfied Pokemon Go players have commented that they are “not impressed” with the new Community Day Classic event coming on September 2. One of the players commented: “Isn’t this the 5th or 6th time it has been chosen for a community day? Enough is enough!”

While some trainers are unsatisfied with the choice for the next Community Day Classic, other players agree that Charmander may be one of the all-time favorite Pokemon. One of them answered: “I don’t get tired of catching this mon. I want a shiny that can be used in GL and UL.”

In the meantime, Pokemon Go players are still trying to digest the sheer amount of content announced for the new season. If you’re feeling a little lost, check out our September Spotlight Hour guide, and our guide for the Paldean Adventures Event.

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