Pokemon Go players roast Niantic following disastrous NYC Go Fest 2023

Lucas Simons
New York Go Fest 2023

Pokemon Go players were enjoying the NYC Go Fest 2023, until network issues made it all fall apart, and they’re now roasting the organization for the event.

Pokemon Go live events are rare chances for the community to gather and enjoy discovering new Pokemon together. Of course, Go Fest 2023 is the pinnacle of said events. Pokemon Go players were enjoying their weekend at Randall’s Island Park in NYC, catching Pokemon and participating in the exclusive Mega Diancie Raid, until disaster struck.

Unfortunately, Verizon users started noticing that their connections were going down constantly. Players started to report these network issues, but Niantic’s response arrived as a 3-hour extension for the affected Pokemon Go players.

Network issues ruin NYC Go Fest 2023 & players are furious

Pokemon Go NYC Fest 2023 was in full bloom when network issues struck, and Niantic Support quickly confirmed that Verizon users were experiencing poor reception in an official tweet: “Trainers, we are working to resolve network issues affecting Verizon players in the north area of the park at Pokemon Go Fest 2023, New York. Please stay tuned for additional updates.”

After that, Niantic also communicated that the issue was solved, but players were furious and started roasting Niantic on their official Support Twitter, blaming them for the disastrous event and the poor compensation response.

The extended period for the event was received poorly, as many users stated: “Niantic wants people in the park until 10 pm in NYC lol, thought Niantic cared about the safety of the players.”

One of the angry players commented on the lack of public transport surrounding the extended hours: “Will the ferries go till 10 as well?” To which Niantic Answered: “Thanks for the question, there is no change to the ferry schedule, however, the extended gameplay is for the city experience, the park gameplay will still end at 7 pm.”

Other trainers were also not pleased with the extended time, as they stated: “I’ve walked 20 miles today thinking I could go back to the hotel and crash at 7, now in order to get ‘compensation’ I’m looking at 3 more hours?”

Pokemon Go players are now asking for further compensation or a remake event. While it’s unlikely, will keep you informed if Niantic officially announce a remake of the event.

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