Players slam Pokemon Go for being “the most anti QoL game they ever played”

Lucas Simons
Angry Trainer Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Recently, Pokemon Go has been at odds with its player base due to several reasons. Now, a group of players are slamming Niantic for dropping some anti-Quality of Life features in the game.

Pokemon Go has seen a lot of changes recently with the sunsetting of Adventures Abound, which introduced a lot of new features like Routes and Party Play. Now, a new season titled Timeless Travels brings new changes, including a brand new NPC.

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Usually, when the Pokemon Go community complains about Niantic and their repeated attempts to improve the Quality of Life of the game, it is all about minor but critical changes that, according to players, end up being counter-intuitive in the long term.

This was posted by user ‘Nian****’ in the Pokemon Go community Reddit, and it immediately sparked a heated discussion about Niantic’s recent measures.

The OP exposed their point of view and said: “I think this game is the most anti-QOL game I’ve ever played.” And also explained their reasons for believing that Pokemon Go has a lot of ‘anti-QOL’ features.

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The Pokemon Go community quickly reacted and also added their voices to this claim. One of the angry players expressed: “It is. Most live service games are basically exploitation at this point. Basically, everything to extend some kind of grind as much as possible.”

This user also explained why they believe most live service games purposedly extend player engagement by enforcing black hat UI tactics such as unreasonable loading times, cutscenes, or unnecessary dialogue instead of adding quality content.

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One of the users, a game designer, also expressed a valid point of view: “The weekly breakthrough rewards are so ridiculously bad right now they’re almost derisory. As a game dev myself, its a no-Brain principle: once you’ve given players a certain level of privilege/rewards, you DON’T walk it back without good reason (read: game-breaking reasons). Anything less is just bad strategy/unchecked greed/wilfully bad design… Or all of the above.”

Recently, most of the features and events proposed by Niantic have been received with mixed reactions from content creators and regular players alike.

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