Pokemon Go players roast Niantic over “lazy” Fashion Week costumes

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go fashion week costumed species dugtrio, absol, toxicroak, and mareanie

Costumed species available in the Pokemon Go Fashion Week event seem to be a huge miss among the community as they call out game devs Niantic for creating “unacceptable” designs of fan-favorite Pokemon.

The Fashion Week event in Pokemon Go brings an exciting twist to some of the most popular Pokemon by donning them with fashionable accessories such as hats, glasses, ribbons, and more.

Players looking to add various Pokemon forms to their Pokedex grind throughout the event to collect all the fashionable species and their evolutions, making Fashion Week an eagerly-awaited extravaganza.

But despite the excitement, several Pokemon Go trainers are “disappointed” with the costumes as they feel that Niantic isn’t putting enough effort into making these species stand out.

A user named ‘OdoWanKenobi’ shared a post on Reddit that showed a screengrab of Fashionable Dugtrio in Pokemon Go. The player wrote: “Niantic, this is unacceptable,” while sarcastically adding: “Has inflation made hats so expensive that they need to share?”

The OP is referring to the fact that Diglett, Dugtrio’s pre-evolution, sports a hat but on evolution, only one of the ‘heads’ is wearing a hat instead of all three.

Several users agreed with the OP as they commented: “I thought the same thing! Lmao why don’t they all have a hat!?” and “I was so disappointed it didn’t have three hats. Cmon.”

Fans felt it was “cheapening” to see that evolutions of costumed Pokemon don’t get the graphics expected out of them. One user stated, “This is why I hate most of the so-called costumes in this game. They’re so lazy most of the time.”

Funnily enough, Dugtrio’s regional form is an altogether different scenario as a fan explained: “Each one should’ve had a different hat like how Alolan Dugtrio has 3 different hairstyles lol.”

pokemon go alolan dugtrio in the animeAlolan Dugtrio’s ‘hair’ is actually tiny strands of steel, making it a Ground/Steel-type Pokemon.

While the OP mentioned Dugtrio, players also mentioned other Pokemon that don’t get accessories on evolution. “I was also disappointed to see that none of the Megas have costumes either (Squirtle, Absol, and Slowbro with glasses, Sableye with Litwick hat, Lopunny with flowers, the multitude of Gengar costumes),” a trainer commented.

Costumed species have a huge fanbase in the Pokemon Go community and a large section of players would undoubtedly be glad to see evolved Pokemon in their fashionable versions.

Meanwhile, as you try to catch ’em all, check out the best attackers as well as the rarest species in Pokemon Go.

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