How to complete Pokemon Go Google Play Partner Research

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go google partner research featuring charcadet

Pokemon Go has partnered with Google Play to bring a thrilling Timed Research quest rewarding several useful items, encounters, and one of the rarest finds in the game, Charcadet.

So here’s all about the Google Play Partner Research, along with details on tasks and rewards, how to claim, and the countries it is available in.

Tasks & rewards

Partner-exclusive Timed Research (1/4)

Make 20 Curveball ThrowsFlabébé (Orange) encounter
Catch 30 PokemonFlabébé (Orange) encounter
Send 5 Gifts and add a sticker to eachFlabébé (Orange) encounter

Completing this stage will reward you with 1x Incense, 1x Lucky Egg, and 2x Golden Razz Berry.

Partner-exclusive Timed Research (2/4)

Use 20 Berries to help catch PokemonStunky encounter
Catch 12 different species of PokemonStunky encounter
Explore 5kmStunky encounter

Completing this stage will reward you with 1x Poffin, 3x Revive, and 3x Max Potion.

charcadet and its evolutions ceruledge and armarouge in pokemon go
Charcadet has two evolutions: Ceruledge and Armarouge.

Partner-exclusive Timed Research (3/4)

Power up Pokemon 5 timesDeino encounter
Defeat 5 Team Go Rocket GruntsDeino encounter
Earn 2 Candies walking with your BuddyDeino encounter

Completing this stage will reward you with 1x Egg Incubator, 20x Great Ball, and 3x Ultra Ball.

Deino is a rare Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon whose final evolution is Hydreigon, a powerful Pseudo Legendary for Raids and the Master League.

Don’t forget to use a Pinap Berry for each Deino capture to get double Candy and evolve it quickly. Once you get Hydreigon, use the moves Bite and Brutal Swing.

Partner-exclusive Timed Research (4/4)

Claim reward!5x Ducklett Sticker
Claim reward!5x Passimian Sticker
Claim reward!5x Emolga Sticker

Completing this stage will reward you with 10,000 Stardust, 10,000 XP, and a Charcadet encounter.

Ceruledge can evolve either into the Ghost/Fire-type Ceruledge or the Psychic/Fire-type Armarouge. If you’re not sure which one is better, we recommend going with Ceruledge.

It has a higher Attack stat of 239 and an offensively better type combination, giving it an edge over Armarouge, though the latter does fare pretty well in the Great and Ultra League.

How to redeem

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android mobile device
  2. Tap on your profile picture to get a drop-down menu
  3. Go to the ‘Play Points’ section under the menu
  4. Click on ‘Use’
  5. The offer will either be at the top or you’ll have to scroll down a bit to claim it

You need 10 Google Play Points to grab the Partner Research, available to Google Play Point members in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

It was initially only in the US but was soon rolled out to the countries above. We’ll update this article if and when the Research is available in other locations.

screenshot of pokemon go google partner research
Making purchases in Pokemon Go helps earn Google Play Points.


You have until Monday, July 15, 2024, at 11:59 PM local time to complete this Partner Research. Most of the tasks require you to go outside and play. Finding a park or a path with plenty of PokeStops would help complete it quickly.

Once you catch Charcadet, getting Ceruledge and Armarouge requires you to beat 30 Ghost and 30 Psychic types while you have it as your Buddy. Beating Team Go Rocket Grunts is the best way to get this done.

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