How to complete Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenges

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go bug out event collection challenges

The Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 event is buzzing with four Collection Challenges, and players are eager to get them all done quickly. Here’s how to complete these Collection Challenges with details on getting each featured Pokemon.

Pokemon Go players are actively catching Bug-type Pokemon as the Bug Out 2024 event brings these creepy crawlies to the wild, Raids, Field Research tasks, and Collection Challenges.

This fan-favorite annual event hosts not one, not two, but four Collection Challenges this year, and you must be wondering how to get them off your plate ASAP.

So, here’s how to complete the Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenges.

Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 date & time

The Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 event runs until Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 8 PM local time, after kicking off on April 12, 2024, at 10 AM local time.

How to catch all Pokemon in Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenges

Here’s how to catch all the species in the Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenges:

Bug Out Collection Challenge 1

PokemonHow to getPokemon sprite
CaterpieIn the wild
MetapodEvolve Caterpie
ButterfreeEvolve Metapod
WeedleIn the wild
KakunaEvolve Weedle
BeedrillEvolve Kakuna

Bug Out Collection Challenge 2

PokemonHow to getPokemon sprite
SewaddleIn the wild
SwadloonEvolve Sewaddle
LeavannyEvolve Swadloon
CombeeIn the wild
VespiquenEvolve female Combee

Bug Out Collection Challenge 3

PokemonHow to getPokemon sprite
DwebbleIn the wild
CrustleEvolve Dwebble
KricketotIn the wild
KricketuneEvolve Kricketot
CutieflyIn the wild
RibombeeEvolve Cutiefly

Bug Out Collection Challenge 4

PokemonHow to getPokemon sprite
NincadaIn the wild
NinjaskEvolve Nincada

Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenge Rewards

Here are all the rewards you can get for completing the Bug Out 2024 Collection Challenges in Pokemon Go:

  • Collection Challenge 1: 50 Beedrill Mega Energy and Beedrill encounter
  • Collection Challenge 2: 50 Pinsir Mega Energy and Pinsir encounter
  • Collection Challenge 3: 50 Scizor Mega Energy and Scizor encounter
  • Collection Challenge 4: Shedinja encounter

That’s all you need to know to complete the Collection Challenges in the Pokemon Go Bug Out 2024 event. For more content on the game, check out the following:

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