Best Pokemon Unite Speedsters: Builds, movesets, more

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This is the top tier Speedster guide for Pokemon United. Build, moveset & more.

Speedsters are the Junglers of Pokemon Unite, and they can be quite difficult to master. Here’s a full guide with the best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite, along with the best strategy, advice, and build for them.

In Pokemon Unite, Speedsters play a key role in every team. These Pokemon level up in the jungle, then jump into the lanes and deal bursting damage while securing takedowns and objectives. It is the role with the least Pokemon in the game roster, so there’s not much to pick from.

That’s why it is important to identify the best qualities they have to offer and focus on mastering the top-tier trio if you want to rise in the ranks in the competitive queues.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best Speedsters to use in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Absol guide: Moveset, items & strategy

Absol is undoubtedly the strongest and most lethal of all Speedsters in Pokemon Unite. Though a little bit squishy, it compensates for its lack of resistance with access to a kit that focuses on Critical Hits and single-target tactics. It is a fast and dangerous opponent to have as an enemy and the best ally to take down the most annoying Defenders.

Its ability kit includes access to fast blinks and targeted repositioning, making it the ideal pursuer. Its ability to dive in is also its main weakness because if you miss the timing, it will leave you exposed to enemy Attackers.

Absol, a Speedster in Pokemon United.
Absol specializes in dealing with damage bursts and chasing opponents.

The ideal build for Absol focuses on offense and includes its signature move Night Slash, which allows you to target a single opponent in an outward arc, marking it for five seconds, then dash towards it with its second activation.

At the same time, it increases Absol’s critical-hit rate. The lower the enemy Pokemon’s health, the more this rate increases. When upgrading this move, it also restores 50% of the damage dealt to each target as health, adding survivability to Absol’s kit.

Night Slash pairs best with Psycho Cut, a single cast burst wave move that decreases the movement speed of enemy Pokemon for five seconds and has a fast cooldown rate. It also increases Absol’s attack power and movement speed for a short time, giving you a window to burst down fleeing opponents.

Absol using its Unite Move in Pokemon Unite.
Absol is a fearsome opponent, even when cornered.

You can use Psycho Cut first for an opening, then follow up with Night Slash for a quick takedown. If chasing, do it in reverse. Cut the distance by using Night Slash, then apply crowd control using Psycho Cut to prevent the enemy from fleeing.

Use Absol’s Unite Move only when necessary. It will grant you speed and overshield, so it can help you survive when outnumbered.

The best Held Items to equip using this Absol build are Muscle Band, which boosts both attack and attack speed. Scope Lens will boost critical hit rate and critical hit damage. Razor Claw will boost attack and critical hit rate.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Leafeon guide: Moveset, items & strategy

Leafeon is the most versatile of Speedsters in the Pokemon Unite roster. It combines movement speed with survivability, which makes it really hard to take down during team fights. It also allows it to counterstrike fast and reposition itself across the map, giving the player’s team the advantage if the enemy is distracted.

Leafeaon’s ideal moveset includes Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade, granting Leafeon high burst damage and mobility and making it charge up its passive Chlorophyll really fast, allowing it to perform a powerful charged move.

Razor Leaf is a double cast move that shoots forward a burst of leaves targeting a zone, hitting opponents ahead and falling to the ground. Re-casting this ability will call back the leaves, hitting every opponent again and granting Leafeon a shield based on how many leaves hit the target. The upgraded move grants even more shield boost.

This move allows Leafeon to get close and personal, deliver some damage, charge its passive, and leave unscathed even when the odds are against it. The shield boost pairs with the damage splendidly.

Leafeon, a Speedster in Pokemon United.
Leafeon specializes in speed and survivability.

Then, you have Leaf Blade, the other move that makes a good combo with Razor Leaf. It is a double activation skill that makes Leafeon dash in the direction of the cursor, dealing damage if it hits an enemy Pokemon, or allows Leafeon to dash through walls, adding surprise or flee tactics to its kit.

Re-casting Leaf Blade creates a ring area of burst damage, that does even more damage with the outer ring. Upon upgrading it, this move gets cooldown reduction when hitting opponents with the outer ring area damage.

Leafeon’s Unite Move, Emerald Two-Step, grants it yet another repositioning and a slowing area of effect damage when landing on a targeted enemy Pokemon and its allies. This is great, but its high cooldown makes it too situational.

The ideal strategy for this build would be to reposition yourself during a fight by fleeing when the odds are against you using Leaf Blade, then come back when the cooldown is active again. Or you can get close with Razor Leaf when enemies pile up, receiving a burst of overshield and additional damage pairing it up with Leafeon’s passive, and re-cast Leaf Blade to quickly cull the enemy groups.

Leafeon using Leaf Blade in Pokemon United.
Leafeon’s Leaf Blade area of effect is stronger in the outer ring.

When enemies try to gank your team or reposition, you can open with Emerald Two-Step, quickly charging your shield with Razor Leaf and vaulting out with Leaf Blade, securing a kill or two and canceling the gank.

The main weakness of Leafeon is its poor snowballing, which makes it weaker during the late game. However, it can be compensated by equipping it with Held Items like Attack Weight, which scales up damage when your Pokemon scores a goal. Cursed Bangle could be a good option to counter healing and scale up damage. Finally, Float Stone makes it even faster and enables it to reposition better.

Energy Amplifier compensates for the slow rate of Unite Move Charge by adding more charge rate and cooldown reduction to its abilities. Meanwhile, Float Stone grants the Pokemon extra movement speed out of combat and increases base move speed by 150. Use Battle Items like Shedinja Doll for safety purposes and X Speed for even more mobility.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Zoroark guide: Moveset, items & strategy

Zoroark is a trickster Pokemon by nature, and even when in Zorua form, its passive allows it to trick its rivals into believing they are being attacked by other Pokemon. This can grant you a few seconds of a surprise element.

This Pokemon also comes with a full move dash and slash kit that allows it to break into the enemy lines, isolate an opponent and strike it down, or surprise already isolated enemies roaming and countering other Speedsters like Leafeon, Gengar, or Dodrio effectively. We will focus on using Cut and Feint Attack, which makes Zoroark even more powerful in 1v1 fights.

Cut is a single activation move that makes Zoroark dash forward and reach its opponent Pokemon, damaging it and healing a percentage of the Pokemon’s HP. When upgraded, the amount of damage done and health restored improves.

Zoroark, a Speedster in Pokemon United.
Zoroark specializes in outplaying its opponents with fast attacks and repositioning.

Feint Attack is a powerful move that allows Zoroark to dash, strike, reduce its cooldowns, and, if it hits, return to the starting point with a double activation effect and damage your opponent in the process.

When used, the start point gets marked for a short time. Then, when hitting an enemy, you can activate it again to reposition yourself and trick your opponent. Feint Attack also allows for a wall vault, so keep that in mind if you need to flee or gank.

Combining it with Cut grants Zoroark top-tier mobility and re-activates Feint Attack’s repositioning point, allowing you to cast it from another direction. If you re-cast and hit four times with Feint Attack, the next Feint Attack will make Zoroark leap and strike the opponent before landing in the designated direction. Improving it will reduce its cooldown, so you should prioritize this ability when you level up.

Zoroark using Feint Attack in Pokemon Unite.
Zoroark turns into a blur when using Feint Attack, making it hard to target.

Making a combination move using Cut and Feint Attack can turn Zoroark into a blur of fury, making it almost un-targetable. Dash for damage and healing, reducing the cooldown, and dashing again. That’s what this build is about.

Zoroark’s Unite Move, Nightfall Daze, makes it immune to crowd control effects while applying a triple burst of damage to surrounding enemy Pokemon. Use it to compensate for Zoroark’s main weakness: Status Effects.

Equip Zoroark with Held Items like Focus Band, which grants both defense and special defense, Razor Claw for more damage output, or Attack Weight to grant scalability and late-game damage. As a Battle Item, you should carry Full Health to compensate Zoroark’s weakness to status effects. You can also equip it with Shedinja Doll.

And that’s all you need to know about the best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite. If you are looking for more Pokemon content, you can also check out:

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