All Tyranitar weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

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Tyranitar in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Pokemon like Tyranitar are not officially Legendary, but you can’t take them lightly in battles because of their amazing stats and typing. If you want to capture Tyranitar or defeat it in a gym battle, this list of its weaknesses, resistances, and best counters will come in handy.

Alongside Dragapult, Garchomp, Salamence, and Dragonite, Tyranitar is one of the most powerful Pokemon ever and is rightly considered a Pseudo Legendary. It not only has incredible stats but is the only Pokemon to belong to the Rock/Dark-type.

For these reasons, battling Tyranitar in games is as challenging as it gets. However, like any other species in the franchise, you can exploit its weaknesses and use the best counters to gain an advantage.

On that note, here’s everything to know about Tyranitar’s type, weaknesses, resistances, and best counters.

What type is Tyranitar in Pokemon?

Tyranitar is a dual Rock and Dark-type Pokemon. No other Pokemon in the whole franchise shares this very unique type combination, so finding its weaknesses isn’t a simple process.

Beyond its typing, it’s important to note that Tyranitar can learn a wide variety of attacks in mainline games, including Dark, Electric, Ice, Fire, Rock, Normal, and Ground-type moves.

Tyranitar shares the nickname Armor Pokemon with Donphan.

All Tyranitar weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Rock and Dark-type Pokemon, Tyranitar has the following weaknesses:

  • Bug
  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Water
  • Steel
  • Grass
  • Fairy

Tyranitar has a double weakness (x4) against Fighting-type moves, so Fighting-type Pokemon can be important allies in your battle against it.

All Tyranitar resistances in Pokemon

Although Tyranitar has many weaknesses Pokemon players can exploit, it also has the following resistances:

  • Normal
  • Flying
  • Poison
  • Ghost
  • Fire
  • Dark

Tyranitar is also immune to Psychic-type attacks. When battling this Armor Pokemon, you should avoid these types at all costs.

As you can see, the intimidating Tyranitar is nowhere near invincible when it comes to type effectiveness. The Rock and Dark-type Pokemon has a very high Defense stat and can deal massive damage like few Pokemon can. But as long as you stick to Pokemon that are super-effective against it, you won’t have much trouble.

Best Tyranitar counters in Pokemon

Here’s a list of Pokemon that can easily counter Tyranitar and the attacks best suited for the purpose:

TerrakionDouble Kick & Sacred Sword
KeldeoLow Kick & Sacret Sword
ConkeldurrCounter & Dynamic Punch
LucarioCounter & Aura Sphere
MachampCounter & Dynamic Punch
CobalionDouble Kick & Sacred Sword
KyogreWaterfall & Origin Pulse

To make the list accessible to most players, we’ve only included the best non-Legendary, non-Shadow, and non-Mega counters to Tyranitar.

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