Where to find Lamball in Palworld: Location & how to catch

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Lamballs in Palworld

Lamball is one of the best early-game Pals in Palworld since it can help you with several tasks with its impressive Work Suitability, so if you’re looking to catch a few Lamball in Palworld, here are its common locations and how to easily catch this Pal.

Palworld is one of the best-selling and most-played games in 2024, largely thanks to the endless possibilities in its worlds. As the name suggests, your Pals accompany you throughout your journey, and they can help you mine, gather resources, battle, and a lot more.

While Legendaries like the Jetragon and Paladius are some of the strongest Pals in the game, you’ll need to reach a certain level and gear yourself before you try to catch them. On the other hand, Pals like Chikipi, Cattiva, and Lamball are readily available, allowing you to jumpstart your early progress.

That said, here are all the locations for finding as well as catching Lamball in Palworld.

Lamball Palworld
Lamball is one of the best Starter Pals if you want defense.

Where to find Lamball in Palworld

There are a ton of Lamball at the starting point of your world in Palworld, if your spawn location is still the Plateau of Beginnings. If you head down from this area, slightly past the waterfall, you’ll come across several Lamball roaming and tumbling down the hill.

However, if you’re still struggling to catch Lamball, we’ve marked all the locations in the map below, in which they can be easily found.

Palworld map with Lamball spawn locations marked
These regions have moderate weather so you won’t need additional gear to survive.

Who is Lamball in Palworld?

Lamball is a Neutral-type Pal in Palworld and one of the most commonly found Pals in Early Access. True to their name, Lamball looks like a miniature sheep in a round and fluffy design, with short arms and legs and bright golden eyes.

Here are all the details you need to know about Lamball in Palworld:

  • Paldeck: No. 001
  • Partner Skill: Fluffy Shield – When activated, equips to the player and becomes a shield. Sometimes drops Wool when assigned to Ranch.
  • Work Suitability: Transporting (Lv. 1), Farming (Lv. 1), Handiwork (Lv. 1)
  • Food: 2/10
  • Possible Drops: Wool, Lamball Mutton
  • Skills: Roly Poly, Air Cannon, Power Shot, Implode, Electric Ball, Power Bomb, Pal Blast

Keep in mind that you can only level up your Pals, including Lamball, to a max level of 50.

How to catch Lamball in Palworld

Here are some of the best ways to catch Lamball easily in Palworld:

  • Hit the Lamball until it’s close to dying with just a hit or two, and use a regular Pal Sphere to catch it.
  • Use Dark-type Pals, as Lamball is a Neutral-type which is weak against Dark-types.

Lamball are fairly easy to catch, and you can catch them without using any of your Pals. However, you need to ensure you don’t kill the Lamball while fighting and trying to capture it.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know to find and catch Lamball in Palworld. For more content on the game, give these a look:

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