All Palworld Legendary Pals & their locations

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paladius legendary pal in palworld

There are such a thing as Legendary Pals in Palworld, but how many are there? Here is everything you need on all Legendary Pals in the game, as well as their locations, so that you can find them nice and fast.

Palworld is naturally all about creatures known as Pals, as the game is all about capturing and nurturing them to level up, improve your base, and survivability.

Some are harder and more rare to find than others, with some of the best Pals being incredibly difficult to scoop up. Much like the game that Palworld takes a lot of inspiration from, Pokemon, there are also Legendary Pals to find across the lands, as well as Shiny ones, which are called Lucky Pals.

For those interested in the Legendary Pals, here’s every one in the game, as well as their locations in Palworld.

All Legendary Pals in Palworld & where to find them

Here’s a list of all the Legendary Pals in Palworld, as well as their locations:

Legendary PalElementLocation & coordinates
FrostallionIceEast of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point (-357, 508)
JetragonDragonNorth of the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point (-789, -321)
NecromusDarkNorthwest of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point (446, 681)
PaladiusNeutralNorthwest of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point (446, 681)
Paladius at the centre of a poster of Palworld with pals in the background
There are a total of four Legendary Pals in Palworld.

The Legendary Pals appear as bosses who are very difficult to take down and capture, being some of the toughest open-world bosses to fight. Make sure you’re at a high enough level with some good gear, as they will be Level 50.

Legendaries will also respawn on the next day, and three will be around in the location, giving you plenty of chances to catch them.

We’ll be sure to update this piece if any new Legendary Pals are added to the game. For now, be sure to check out:

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