Where to find Tombat in Palworld: All locations & how to catch

Aakrit Sharma
Tombat in Palworld

From gathering and mining to transporting, Tombat in Palworld has plenty of useful skills. If you want to add this unique creature to your collection, here are all the Tombat locations in Palworld and how to catch the Pal easily.

The open world in Palworld is full of life as at every step, you’ll stumble upon Pals that can be captured like Pokemon or you can just kill them for XP. In the early game at least, it is better to stack up on Pals and use them on your bases for construction, planting, mining, farming, and combat.

One of the best Pals to get in the early game is Tombat. You’ll encounter it as a boss in dungeons and plenty of them roam around the open world as well. You should be able to identify it easily, thanks to the unique bat-like appearance and the purple energy glowing out of its shoulders and legs.

On that note, here’s everything to know about finding and catching Tombat in Palworld.

Where does Tombat spawn in Palworld?

Tombat abundantly spawns in the Sea Breeze Archipelago and Abandoned Mineshaft regions in Palworld. This is where you start your journey, so coming across a Tombat should be fairly easy and all these islands have been marked in the image below:

Palworld islands where Tombat spawns
Tombat abundantly spawns in Palworld regions where you start your journey.

How to catch Tombat in Palworld

Tombat is a Dark-type Pal which is why you should use Dragon-type Pals against it in Palworld. Use their attacks to lower Tombat’s health and towards the end, through a Pal Sphere of any quality depending on the catch rate and level. In case your Pals don’t know any Dragon-type attacks, use a Skill Fruit to teach them the desired move regardless of type.

Refrain from using Neutral-type Pals because Dark-type Pals are strong against them and Tombat can easily shred their health.

If you already have a Tombat in your team, you can opt to kill it for resources such as Leather and Small Pal Soul. You can also get the likes of Anubis and Felbat by breeding it.

Other ways to get Tombat in Palworld

You can also get a Tombat in Palworld by hatching a Large Dark Egg or purchasing it from a Black Marketeer. However, both these methods involve luck as a Large Dark Egg can also grant you a Nox and the Black Marketeer’s stock changes every in-game day and you must wait until the NPC offers a Tombat.

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