Best Pals in Palworld & how to get them: Tier list for all Pals

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Best Pals in Palworld

You can add over a hundred Pals to your collection in Palworld, either by catching or breeding them. So, if you’re looking for the strongest or simply the best Pals in Palworld, here’s our tier list, ranking every Pal in the game, from best to worst.

Palworld launched worldwide on January 19 and became an instant hit, with millions of players diving into the title every day. As the name suggests, you spawn in a world full of Pals, and you can catch them to progress in your journey.

While some of the Pals are exceptional for base work, the end-game Pals and Alpha Bosses can have impressive stats, that also make them among the strongest picks in the game.

Whether you’re looking to add the strongest Pals to your party, or just want to catch the best Pals in Palworld, here’s our tier list, ranking all of them from best to worst.

Palworld Best Pals tier list

Jetragon, Frostallion, and Paladius are some of the best Pals in Palworld, and considering their overall stats, they’re also among the strongest Pals in the game.

Here’s our tier list, ranking every Pal in Palworld from best to worst:

SJetragon, Frostallion Noct, Frostallion, Necromus, Paladius, Jormuntide Ignis, Shadowbeak, Astegon, Anubis, Orserk
AGrizzbolt, Verdash, Faleris, Lyleen Noct, Beakon, Lyleen, Suzaku Aqua, Jormuntide, Suzaku, Menasting, Astegon, Gorirat, Helzephyr, Penking, Blazamut, Quivern, Felbat, Fenglope, Warsect, Wumpo Botan, Wumpo, Mammorest Cryst, Mammorest, Kingpaca, Ice Reptyro, Kelpsea, Reptyro, Petallia, Broncherry, Relaxaurus Lux, Relaxaurus, Blazehowl Noct, Blazehowl, Cryolinx, Azurobe, Kelpsea Ignis
BDinossom, Lunaris, Dazzi, Kitsun, Rayhound, Elphidran Aqua, Vaelet, Elphidran, Sibelyx, Wixen, Katress, Ragnahawk, Bushi, Vanwyrm Cryst, Flambelle, Vanwyrm, Lovander, Tombat, Digtoise, Maraith, Surfent Terra, Sweepa, Surfent, Dinossom Lux, Broncherry Aqua
CMossanda Lux, Mossanda, Hangyu Cryst, Hangyu, Gobfin Ignis, Gobfin, Bristla, Mozzarina, Flopie, Tocotoco, Arsox, Cinnamoth, Inceneram Noct, Direhowl, Reindrix, Pyrin Noct, Pyrin, Foxcicle, Univolt, Chillet, Swee, Grintale, Elizabee, Beegarde, Robinquill Terra, Robinquill, Galeclaw, Loupmoon, Leezpunk Ignis, Leezpunk, Cawgnito, Dumud, Ribbuny, Incineram, Nitewing, Eikthyrdeer Terra, Eikthyrdeer, Melpaca, Caprity, Woolipop
DCelaray, Mau Cryst, Mau, Killamari, Fuddler, Nox, Fuack, Foxparks, Lifmunk, Chikipi, Rushoar, Daedream, Cremis, Depresso, Teafant, Hoocrates, Cattiva, Lamball, Vixy Gumoss, Jolthog Cryst, Jolthog, Pengullet, Rooby, Tanzee, Sparkit

Where to find & catch the best Pals in Palworld

To find the best Pals in Palworld, players must be aware that most of them are high-level creatures that roam hidden areas. To reach some of those areas, you might require either a Flying Mount Pal or the Improved Hook Pistol.

There’s also a chance for you to be successful at breeding, fusing, or hatching abandoned Pal Eggs, in which case, here are some of the strongest species you can get in the game.

Top 10 Pals in Palworld


Jetragon in Palworld
Jetragon is considered one of the Legendary Pals in the game.

In Palworld, Jetragon can be found north of the teleport point at Beach of Everlasting Summer (coordinates -789, -321), and it is level 50 (or more depending on the player’s level). Jetragon counts as a Legendary Pal, so getting it will be hard, as you need at least 20 Legendary Spheres to catch it.

Jetragon has considerably high Attack HP and Defense stats, but Work Speed is considerably low since it’s a Combat Pal and not a Work Pal. It can learn most of the Dragon-type skills and also some Ground and Fire Skills. It will be already equipped with Stone Blast, Ground Pound, and Ignis Breath.

Its Partner Skill is Aerial Missile, which unleashes a wave of homing missiles that cause Dragon-type damage, burn targets, and can be shot from the air while mounting it. It is also the best Pal for exploration since it’s the fastest mount in the game.


Anubis Palworld
Anubis is considered one of the best Mid-Game Pals.

To find Anubis in Palworld, players need to travel to the desert area northeast of the teleport point at Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant. It roams around the area (coordinates -130, -96) and can be found traversing across this vast open space.

You can get this Pal relatively early in (level 19-23) by breeding Penking and Bushi in the Breeding Farm, which you can unlock at level 19.

Anubis is considered S-Tier both for combat and as a work Pal since it has the following work suitability: Handiwork Lv4, Transporting Lv2, Mining Lv3. These abilities make Anubis the greatest Mining and Handiwork Pal in the whole game.

Combat-wise, this Pal is great in both damage output and resistance. It also learns one of the strongest Ground skills, Ground Smash, which is an AOE-type attack with 140 damage, which causes incredible damage to its surroundings.


Palladius Palworld
Paladius is the fastest and most versatile land mount.

To get Paladius, one of the best Pals in Palworld, players need to cross over to the Deep Sand Dunes region and travel northwest from the Teleport Point there (coordinates 446, 681). It can be found solo roaming the desert area, but often found next to Necromus, another Legendary Pal.

Paladius is a Neutral-type Pal and has great overall stats, but an above-top-tier HP pool, so it’s quite tanky. This Legendary Pal will not be easy to catch, so bring lots of Legendary Pal Spheres.

The rest of its stats are particularly well-balanced, making it a good option for various fights. Has Spear Thrust and Pal Blast, which are top-tier skills, and is also considered an S-Tier ground mount since it is the only one to have a triple jump and incredible speed.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis Palworld
Jormuntide Ignis is the strongest attacker in the game.

If we are talking about raw power, the Jormuntide Ignis is the best option in Palworld. This Fire/Dragon-type Pal is incredibly hard to get, and players need to travel to Mount Obsidian at coordinates -355, -410 by day, and scour the surroundings of the central plateau to find it.

Jormuntide Ignis, unlike its regular version, has additional Fire Skills that cause tons of damage, and its Pal Skill ‘Stormbringer Lava Dragon’ is great, deals a ton of damage, and it is great to beat those pesky Dark-type Pals in the late game. It is ranked as the strongest attacker in the game, being over S-Tier.

But to catch it, players will need to have tons of patience, some strong Ice-type Pals, and lots of Ultra Spheres to spare.


Shadowbeak Palworld
Shadowbeak is another of the best Flying Mounts in the game.

You can find Shadowbeak on the Northeastern Island, on the top of the Palworld map, near the Glacier area. To reach there, you will need a flying Pal, and to get this Dark-type Pal, players need lots of Ultra Spheres. Alternatively, you can get a Shadowbeak by crossing Kitsun and Astegon.

Shadowbeak is one of the fastest flying mounts in the game, and its Pal Skill enhances Dark skills when mounted. It can also learn a skill called Divine Disaster, which causes tons of damage and crowd control effects.

Arguably, Shadowbreak would be the best Flying (non-dragon) Pal in the game, and its stats are top-notch. Its main weakness is that its HP pool is not so high, and many Dragon-type powerhouses can easily beat him down if you are not careful.


Necromus Palworld
Necromus is, like Paladius, a terrestrial attacker, and is great at charge attacks.

To get Necromus in Palworld, players need to travel to the Deep Sand Dunes region and move northwest from the Teleport Point there (coordinates 446, 681). This Pal can be found roaming the desert area by night, accompanying Paladius.

Like Paladius, Necromus runs like the wind and is one the fastest ground mounts in the game. It can also double jump while riding it and is an S-Tier in attack, as well as having a considerably strong Dark Type attack skill and a passive that boosts dark elements while you ride it.


Frostallion Palworld
Frostallion is the best Ice Pal in the game.

To get Frostallion in Palworld, players need to travel to the mountain region at the northwest corner of the map, near the Land of Absolute Zero. Go to the teleport point there, and travel east, you will find it near a slope in the glacier zone (coordinates -357, 508).

Keep in mind that Frostallion is a Legendary level 50 Pal, and you will need Legendary Spheres to catch it. Also, bring powerful Fire-type Pals if you want to survive the encounter.

After catching it, you will soon find that this Pal is the best Ice Type in the game (S-Tier Ice attacker) and also has the highest Cooling Skill (useful for Food Storage), it is also the second fastest flying mount in the game.


Astegon Palworld
Astegon has a high Ore grinding ratio but has a lot of food consumption.

To get Astegon in Palworld, players need to travel to the Mount Obsidian region, and from the Mount Obsidian Midpoint teleport, travel West towards the Destroyed Mineshaft. On the deepest zone of this tunnel, they will find Astegon. You can also get this beast by breeding Relaxaurus and Suzaku, or Cryolinx and Grizzbolt.

Astegon is a Boss Pal, like every Legendary Pal in the game, and boasts the title of Ravager of Stars. Its HP pool is also one of the greatest among Palworld bosses. Astegon is a Dark/Dragon Type and has some heavy-hitting Skills, like Dark Laser and Dragon Meteor, which makes it S-Tier in attack, second only to Jormuntide Ignis.

Players who manage to catch Astegon will notice that it has the Lvl. 4 Mining Skill, which makes it the best option to get Ores. Its Pal Skill is Black Ankylosaur, which increases damage dealt to Ores while mounting it.


Orserk in Palworld
One of the best Pals to power up your generator in base.

Orserk is a Dragon and Electric type, and one of the best Pals in Palworld, largely due to its impressive stats, and Level 4 Generating Electricity capability.

You can find Orserk easily in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary located at the Northeast end of the Palworld map, however, you’ll need a swimming or flying Pal to get to this island. Additionally, you can also breed Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt to get an Orserk egg.

Of course, being a Dragon and Electric mix, Orserk when fully leveled up, can use skills like Draconic Breath, Lightning Streak, Lightning Bolt, and more.

Frostallion Noct

Frostallion Noct in Palworld and more Pals in the background
Boasts incredible stats, just like Frostallion.

You can get Frostallion Noct in Palworld only by breeding Frostallion and Helzephyr. With one of its parent being a Legendary, many in the community consider Frostallion Noct to be a secret Legendary.

This Pal retains the appearance of Frostallion entirely, with a darker appearance similar to Helzephyr, which is a Dark type. Frostallion Noct has a Level 4 Gathering, which is ideal for you if you want to collect resources quickly.

Being a Dark type, Frostallion Noct can perform skills like Nightmare Ball, Dark Laser, and Shadow Burst.

So there you have it! Those were the best Pals in Palworld, ranked in our tier list. For more content on the game, be sure to check these:

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