Overwatch 2 Flashpoint: New PvP game mode explained

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Overwatch 2 Season 6 brings a new PvP game mode titled “Flashpoint,” bringing a fresh experience to the Quickplay and Competitive rotations. Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint game mode.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 is here, and it’s arguably the biggest update to hit the game so far. Invasion delivers a new Support Hero for players to learn, sweeping balancing changes, and even some fresh PvE missions.

It also comes with a brand-new game mode called Flashpoint, which looks set to shake up the rotation in both Quick Play and Competitive. But what exactly is the new mode and how does it work?

Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Flashpoint.

Overwatch 2 Flashpoint explained

Overwatch 2 Flashpoint New MapBlizzard
Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint game mode features in Quickplay and Competitive rotations.

In Overwatch 2 Flashpoint, both teams of five compete to be the first to capture three control points. These areas of the map, named Flashpoints, will be revealed one by one, with the next objective not spawning until the previous one has been secured by either team.

The first Flashpoint will always be located in the center of the map to give both teams an equal opportunity, but then the remaining locations will activate in a random order. This should ensure that each match feels different and neither team will gain an advantage by learning rotations.

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Unlike Control, Flashpoints only need to be held for 70 seconds uncontested to be captured, much shorter than the usual 120. With this in mind, it’s much easier to steal a capture point with a well-timed play or lose out if your team lets its guard down.

Overwatch 2 Flashpoint maps

Overwatch 2 Flashpoint currently only has two maps: Suravasa and New Junk City. These both launched alongside the mode with Season 6, giving players the chance to learn the mode on a limited selection of maps.

More Flashpoint maps are expected to arrive later down the line, but there has been no word from the developers on when these could be released.

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