Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 event: Start & end date, game modes, more

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Blizzard have brought a special event for Overwatch 2’s first anniversary. The event features returning game modes and unique rewards that can be bought in the Anniversary Shop. Here’s everything we know about the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event, including the end date and game modes.

Overwatch 2 has welcomed its first Anniversary event, where Blizzard have challenged players to earn rewards while completing iconic game modes. Along with returning modes, Overwatch 2’s anniversary finally introduces the PvE mode called Hero Mastery.

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While Overwatch 2 players are asking Blizzard for new matchmaking methods and an extended “Leaver Penalty” system, some are excited about what Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 offers in terms of gameplay.

Here’s everything we know about the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event.

Overwatch 2 Anniversary event start & end date

The Overwatch 2 Anniversary event began on Tuesday, September 19, and it will last for three weeks before coming to an end on Tuesday, October 10.

Overwatch 2 first launched on October 4, 2022, so the game’s official birthday will fall around the middle of the event. Only time will tell if the devs decide to celebrate the big day itself with a special content drop.

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Overwatch 2 Anniversary event game modes

As part of the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event, three of the most popular game modes from the sequel’s first year are set to make a comeback. A familiar playlist will return every week before being replaced by another fan favorite seven days later.

Check out all the modes coming back in the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event below:

  • Winter in Wonderland and Battle for Olympus (Week 1)
  • Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, Catch-A-Mari, and Assault (Week 2)
  • Summer Games and Mischief and Magic (Week 3)

The first returning game mode will be the Winter Wonderland event, which will unlock Mei’s Snowball Offense (Elimination and Deathmatch versions), the 1v5 Yeti Hunt, and the Flash Freeze elimination mode. The Battle of Olympus is also available during Week 1, with both Free-For-All Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes.

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During the second anniversary week, Overwatch 2 players can enjoy the classic Overwatch Assault maps in Arcade, the chaotic Cath-A-Mari, and play the story of Starwatch: Galactic Rescue.

The last week of the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event will feature Summer Games event modes, including Lúcioball and Winston’s Beach Volleyball. For those who like the mechanic of a hide-and-seek mode, Blizzard will also be bringing back the Mischief & Magic modes, where Knight Genji chases Rogue Kiriko as she transforms into everyday objects.

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