Overwatch 2 players capitalize on Blizzard blunder as paid skins are purchased with Credits

hermes lucio skin in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players were able to use Credits to purchase skins that were previously only available for Overwatch Coins.

Overwatch 2 boasts a huge roster of Heroes, all with unique personalities and abilities. While most players are concerned with getting better, ranking up, and figuring out the best counters for certain Heroes, many are also heavily interested in the game’s cosmetics.

Skins are a major part of Overwatch, as the community loves to deck their characters out in unique outfits which are often themed and tied in with different events that the game offers.

In the store, the most valued cosmetics are purchased with Overwatch Coins, which is the real money equivalent in Overwatch 2. While you can earn a small amount by completing challenges, the main way to get Overwatch Coins is by buying some with real money.

However, players noticed that skins previously only purchasable with Overwatch Coins were showing up in the store in exchange for Credits, the white currency that can be attainable for free through the season.

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Overwatch 2 players capitalize on Anniversary store mistake

Reddit user Makeleth said, “seriously did not expect to ever see this,” after highlighting previously paid-for skins in the Anniversary section of the in-game store becoming available for Credits.

This has since been changed, but those quick enough were able to swoop in with their Credits and buy the skins, which are now on sale for Overwatch Coins.

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Players have already expressed annoyance with the reused free Anniversary event skin, and now players who had previously purchased these skins with real money, such as Cassidy’s Space Raider and Echo’s Ice Angle, are seeing that others were able to buy them in the store for Credits.

Veteran players tend to have an abundance of Credits as they are essentially the Legacy Credits leftover from Overwatch 1. This allowed those players to purchase some great skins for pretty much no cost: “this is huge. Just bought like 5 skins with my legacy coins.”

While those who purchased the skins with their hard-earned cash may have been frustrated, others enjoyed the opportunity to get some great skins for Credits: “a Blizzard W, a welcome surprise to us vets with legacy coins.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard decide to comment on the mistake or compensate those who had to pay with Overwatch Coins, but until then, check out how many people are playing Overwatch 2.

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