Overwatch 2 players fed up with “most unfun meta” since launch

zarya flexing her muscle in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are expressing frustration as they claim the current Hero meta is the “most unfun” yet.

Team composition is everything in Overwatch 2, and with each update, the meta gets shifted around thanks to buffs and nerfs.

While some characters can be chosen in-game to counter others, there is a general meta that players abide by, especially at higher levels of competitive play.

With that said, it seems the community are fed up with the current Hero meta, as Reddit user enaty claims that it is the “most unfun meta since Overwatch 2 started.”

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They explain further, saying that “every single game ends with a Zarya/Orisa/Bastion in the lobby.” They feel that if a team is losing, Bastion is the sure pick to get you a “free win.” They are hoping that changes arrive soon to mix it up, as they feel “NOBODY is having fun.”

It seems they’re right too, as in the comments, players are sharing their opinions on the current meta: “I agree…It just doesn’t feel fun or satisfying. Every game ends up being the same 3-6 heroes, and the there’s very little versatility in playstyles within that cast so it becomes draining.”

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One comment even read, “any meta with Zarya in it post Overwatch 2 release has been hell,” while others feel that there have been worse meta compositions: “Double sniper and sojourn meta were worse,” “nope. We had a Hog meta sometime around season 2.”

Regardless of what’s worse, there are a lot of complaints about the current meta, and the OP’s argument is that it is the “most unfun” since launch.

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs decide to change anything to mix up the meta for the Season 7 update, but for now, check out how OW2 players capitalized on one of Blizzard’s mistakes.

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