Overwatch 2 players reveal which “one-trick” Hero is hardest to play

Stephanie Zucarelli
Overwatch 2 Winston and MercyBlizzard

While Blizzard is preparing everything for Season 9, Overwatch 2 fans debate which Hero has become almost impossible to play with when facing its counter pick.

Overwatch 2 Season 8 is almost over, and players are expecting the next season to bring a much-needed balance overhaul to spice up the current meta. While most fans agreed that Blizzard have to make changes to the whole Tank class, some “one-trick” Heroes have become almost impossible to play.

Players took it to Reddit to debate which characters have “too many counter picks,” and it wasn’t a surprise that most of them named Wrecking Ball. “Legit, just pick anyone with a stun or slowdown and Hammond will barely be able to do anything,” commented user ‘Latter_Can6225.’

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Others debated that Doomfist was currently one of the most challenging Tanks to play with since he could be countered by “half the roster.” However, Doomfist players pointed out that the character’s kit made it possible to play around his weaknesses, despite how many they may be.

“I main doom and yes he might have a couple of counters, but it really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be if you know how to play the hero somewhat,” said user ‘ToukkaToke,’ and added “The only times when I swap heroes are when the enemies pick two counters or when I can get more value on another hero, for example, I would just swap to Sig on Havana if they had something like Zarya.”

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Some Overwatch 2 players also said that D.Va suffered the “one-trick syndrome”, and while sometimes it could be a matter of play style, there were some counters that were almost impossible to defeat.

“I play D.Va 90% of the time and this happens 90% of the time, especially if we were winning. Just learn how to alter your play style and target priority. Brig is still vulnerable to a face full of rockets though,” pointed out user ‘Ok_art_1342.’

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Winston was also chosen by players as a challenging Tank to use since his kit has to be managed quite strategically for him to effectively play against his counters.

“Not much you can do against tank busters. Most supports have an escape ability against dive. Even the tank role has Mauga now. The level of coordination needed for Winston to outperform other tanks consistently is also nonexistent for 99% of ranks,” commented Redditor ‘AvailableTension.’

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