Leaked Overwatch 2 screenshots reveal PvE story mode cutscenes

Nathan Warby
Orisa in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players are desperately waiting for news on the PvE mode set to arrive in 2023, and a leak may have offered a first peek at cutscenes from the upcoming story content.

The Overwatch series made its name through tactical multiplayer matches, pitting teams of players against one another in a number of objective-based modes. But pretty soon after, Blizzard began fleshing out the universe with lore and backstory for each of the game’s colorful heroes.

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Overwatch 2 was due to launch with a cooperative PvE mode to deliver even more story content for fans to dive into, but this was delayed until 2023. However, small details have begun to emerge after players discovered secret areas of certain maps that are to be used in the PvE mode.

Now, a new leak may have revealed the first Overwatch 2 cutscenes, featuring a number of popular heroes.

Reddit user Stunning-Recording92 uploaded screenshots from what appear to be animated cutscenes that will appear in the Overwatch 2 PvE mode, although they didn’t cite where they had pulled the images from.

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The first shows Moira discussing Sigma’s mental state in the build-up to a mission, and features subtitles from the conversation, which said: “Dr. de Kupier is not ready for field duties, his instability could send us flying. And I’m not going to allow them to abuse your instability.”

The second and third images, which seem like they’re from a different scene, show an interaction between Orisa and Doomfist.

“That’s why now, I am the protector of Numbani,” Orisa said. “Your heart is as big as your fist, your ambition as strong as the people of Numbani, but your destiny is as bad as Talon…”

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With little information on where these screenshots came from, the community is already debating whether or not they are real, with many believing them to be fake.

“The dialogue as written is really bad. So bad that it alone makes everything else look like a fake,” said one reply. “The dialogue in these is so laughably fake I don’t understand how anyone can fall for these,” agreed another.

Meanwhile, some felt that these could actually be real Overwatch 2 cutscenes, and were happy with the quality.

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“Welp, I’m sold on PVE now. Moira and Sigma interactions are what I am craving for,” said a happy player.

With Overwatch 2 PvE content not arriving until 2023, we’ll have to wait some time before we find out if this leak is accurate. Hopefully, the devs decide to reveal details towards the end of this year or early next year.

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Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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