Lack of Overwatch 2 Support players causing “real problems” for Competitive matchmaking

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Some in the Overwatch 2 community believe a lack of Support players is ultimately causing “real problems” for Competitive matchmaking.

Overwatch 2 is a very competitive, team-orientated Hero shooter that requires coordination and teamwork, especially when playing the ranked Competitive mode.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 1, the community has been dissatisfied with various aspects of the game, including skin prices and the new reworked ranked system. Some feel that the new system for Competitive is “trash,” and are even calling for a feature in the Halloween LTM to be introduced into the ranked mode.

As well as this, some players in the community are blaming a lack of Support mains as a reason for poor matchmaking.

Overwatch 2 players blame “lack of supports” for poor Competitive matchmaking

According to Reddit user Agnk1765342, they have been experiencing unfair matchmaking in Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode, believing that a lack of players picking the Support role is throwing players “into any game almost instantly with little regard for team balance.”

They are a Support player themselves, so they are experiencing this issue first-hand, saying that they are “currently in Diamond 2,” but after checking the ranks of their teammates for twelve games, they noticed that their rank was higher than their squadmates.

The OP feels that this is ultimately causing “real problems” for Competitive matchmaking, and they aren’t the only ones who feels this way either.

In the comments of the post, one user agrees with the OP, saying “I knew this was a thing! Every support game feels like a gamble. As a diamond 1 support, my games are all over the place and it’s super frustrating.”

The user goes on to say that “there’s a massive difference between 3600 level overwatch and gold level overwatch,” and that playing in lower ranked lobbies when you are geared for high-skilled players “feels terrible.”

As this is just the first season of Overwatch, perhaps the devs will implement changes to Competitive in response to the community backlash for Season 2.

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