Overwatch 2 players show why passive heals change could be positive despite backlash

Joseph Pascoulis
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OW2 players have been pretty skeptical about the new passive heal changes, but some in the community are coming to the dev’s defense, showing why it could be a positive change.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 will introduce some exciting new content for the hero shooter, as well as some pretty drastic changes.

As of the new season, the devs have decided to introduce a self-healing passive for all roles. This was immediately met with some backlash on X, with some calling it “the worst idea ever,” mainly because it could damage the role of Support players and make health packs obsolete.

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That said, the Overwatch devs seem to be sticking to their guns, arguing that the change is coming in response to “damage spikiness in-game, the role of DPS in securing kills, and the strength of healing.”

In fact, some in the community have been supporting the dev’s decision to implement a self-heal for all roles, especially when it comes to helping the role of DPS.

Reddit user ‘Venks2’ shared a clip in the OW2 subreddit that they feel explains “why Blizzard thinks they need a DPS heal passive.” The clip shows a DPS player being completely ignored by their Support while on extremely low health.

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As the DPS player doesn’t receive any heals, they’re forced to stay in cover, unable to help their team by playing their role in securing kills and dealing some damage to the opposition team.

This is perhaps a prime example of why the devs would like to bring the self-heal passive to the game, and some in the comments of the Reddit post are pretty open to the idea after seeing this clip.

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One player said that the self-healing passive will “make the game feel a bit nicer when you’re low and there’s no packs or supports around.”

Another commented, “This is exactly the scenario I’ve been in too many times, waving and asking for heals, that makes me think this new healing passive is worth testing out.”

While some are optimistic about the new self-healing passive, others feel that voice quips and health packs around the map are more than enough, as one player said, “This is why they made the coms wheel and health packs.”

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We’ll have to wait and see just how much the new self-healing passive impacts the game, as we don’t yet know how effective or fast it will be in comparison to getting the nearest health pack or waiting for heals from your Support.

For now, check out our guide on the Competitive rank distribution for Overwatch 2, so you know where you stand.

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