Blizzard offer free Overwatch 2 Credits after Anniversary Event bug

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Overwatch 2 Credits

Overwatch 2’s Executive Producer confirmed that players affected by the Credits bug during the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event will be compensated during Season 7. Here’s what Blizzard will give out as an apology in Overwatch 2 Season 7.

After reporting some issues with Credits at the start of the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event 2023, Blizzard confirmed that payouts would be disabled for the rest of the event. In order to diminish backlash, Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss explained that they are prepared to give out a special reward in Season 7 for the inconvenience.

The Overwatch 2 Anniversary event brought back fan-favorite game modes and challenges for players to gain Credits rewards. These were meant to be spent in the Anniversary Shop, which provided classic cosmetics that would be available during the event.

However, players reported some problems with Credits payouts that made Blizzard disable Credits rewards from all challenges. “Once we have resolved the issue, we will compensate impacted players,” explained Neuss on X.

Later that day, the Executive Producer confirmed that all Credit rewards would be disabled during the last week of the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event. Luckily, they later confirmed that they are planning to grant 3,000 Credits to all players as a form of apology for the inconvenience.

How to earn free Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 7?

To claim the 3,000 free Credits in Overwatch 2, players will need to log into the game during the first week of Season 7. After claiming them, Overwatch 2 users will be able to spend them on the Anniversary Shop up until October 16.

For those who want to claim their free Credits, they’ll have to wait until the end of the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event 2023 and the beginning of Overwatch 2 Season 7 on October 10, 2023.

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