Overwatch 2 Mercy Lunar New Year skin leaves fans divided

Emily Stander
The Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year Mercy skin

Overwatch 2 Season 8 will end with the return of the Lunar New Year event. The devs recently revealed a new Mercy skin coming with the event and it has received mixed reactions from fans.

Overwatch 2 runs events throughout the year for fans to enjoy. Each event is usually tied to a holiday or celebration, and sometimes they host events for milestones in the game. Each event comes with new game modes, cosmetics, and challenges that fans can complete to earn rewards tied to the theme. 

At the end of season 8, Overwatch 2 will be hosting the Lunar New Year event, which celebrates the Year of the Dragon. In the launch trailer for the season, the devs teased some cosmetics that will be available when the event goes live. 

One of the cosmetics seems to be a new Mercy skin. Fans have recently taken to forums and social media to complain about this choice. As of a video posted by London Spitfire in August, it seems that Mercy has the most skins in the game, and this means fans are tired of seeing her get even more as more content is released.   

Players took to Reddit to discuss this sentiment. Fans feel, overall, that the Overwatch 2 devs seem to play favorites with certain heroes when it comes to who gets new skins, and Mercy is no exception to that. 

“You could have Mercy in a disgustingly realistic roach costume and it would sell like hotcakes,” one player claimed. This sentiment launched a thread where more fans agreed that the devs seem to make decisions based on what will sell well. 

Some fans pointed out that Genji and Hanzo have also been on the receiving end of new skins because they usually bring money in for Blizzard. “I mean they did choose the two weeb boys as battle pass sellers long before Mercy,” a player commented. “Then you have cupid Hanzo, and Genji’s gotten several other skins like the opm skin. The two aren’t exactly struggling. I would put all three on the ‘sales are down we need to sell some skins fast’ category.” 

The general consensus was that players want more skins for heroes who don’t get as much love from the Overwatch 2 devs as they would like to see. Not all the cosmetics have been announced for the Lunar New Year event yet, but we will keep you updated with any changes. 

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