Overwatch 2 players disappointed with “lazy” Winter Wonderland rewards

Emily Stander
Mercy skin for Winter Wonderland 2023

Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland event started on December 19, and fans are disappointed with the rewards you can get. 

Winter Wonderland is one of the main events that Overwatch 2 hosts in-game throughout the year. Themed around the holiday season, players are able to get special rewards that are only available during the event. The rewards range from skins and voicelines to sprays with festive theme.

There are some rewards you can win for free by completing challenges in-game, while others are available for purchase during the event. 

Unfortunately, fans have expressed disappointment about the prices of the Winter Wonderland rewards and the quality of the free ones. Not only are the new weapon skins bugged at the moment, but players are getting tired of the amount they have to pay for the skins. Reddit user ‘codyl0611’ shared a post that expressed these exact concerns.

“You can’t afford the decent skins you’d actually want without purchasing the premium event pass. To begin with, the skins in the event are mediocre or past skins. The formal [wear] skins are very lazy, especially when it comes to the weapons for them which are near default,” the OP said. “Mercy skin, the one everyone was excited about, is [nowhere] to be found. The new weapon skin set is extremely expensive.”

More players flocked to the OP’s post and most of them agreed with this sentiment. One fan added that the quality of the skins was what disappointed them most, saying, “The icon of Formalwear Sojourn looks better than the actual skin. And Tracer’s is downright bad. It needs some texture to it. It looks so flat.”

These kinds of complaints are not new for Overwatch 2, as players have also previously brought their worries to light about how some new skins for older heroes are just reskins of legendaries from Overwatch 1. 

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