Warzone players call for vehicle exit animation to be added

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Warzone Vehicle Exit Animation

The lack of an exit animation when exiting vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone has recently led community members to call for a Warzone vehicle exit animation to be added to the battle royale game.

Vehicles are a major component of Call of Duty: Warzone, as they allow players to quickly traverse Verdansk ’84 and be used as offensive and defensive tools in battles.

Players will notice a small animation that occurs when your character enters a vehicle that consists of them climbing into the vehicle. However, this animation does not occur when you exit a vehicle, as your character appears instantly on the ground out of the vehicle.

Warzone Vehicle Exit Animation

This lack of a Warzone vehicle exit animation has caused frustrations among players, as it is often abused by players who drive straight at enemies and then jump out of the vehicle at full speed and immediately start shooting, which has led to members of the community to call for a Warzone vehicle exit animation to be added.

The discussion of there being a lack of animation when you exit a vehicle has risen on the official Warzone subreddit, where one user posted an image stating that if there is an animation for gas masks when you put it on and take it off, there should be one for when you exit a vehicle.

This thought was met with plenty of support, as players wondered why there is an animation for when you enter a vehicle that can lead to your demise but not one for when you exit where most players take advantage of this non-existing animation to charge full speed at enemies and jump out at the last second with no fear of taking damage.

Other players suggested that if an animation is not added for exiting vehicles, players who exit vehicles when they are moving should take various amounts of damage depending on how fast their vehicle was moving when they got out of it.

Whether or not a Warzone vehicle exit animation will ever be added to the Call of Duty battle royale remains to be seen. Still, it is sure to continue to be a hot topic of discussion in the community in the future.

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